US Verbal Attacks Against Israel For Not Bending Over……..

Obama can’t figure out why Jews
don’t like being told where to live

Obama: Moody, I’ll keep the pressure on, promise!Jews know all too well what happens
when others dictate where they can live
Netanyahu: Dear Mr.President, don’t think that we Jews haven’t learned from history
And that’s just it. The US administration has shown that it has not learned from history, and that it’s presently being nothing more than a sock puppet for the Arab League. If the cheecky bogus POTUS thinks he’s going to get the Jews to bend their knee towards Washington, he’s got another thing coming, that is if Netanyahu holds the steady course he’s taken. Zero’s stance towards Jerusalem has only served to unite the Israeli Left and Right, into being allied against the US administration’s ‘peace intitiative’, because, even though majority of Jews in the US voted for Obama (despite all the warnings), their Israeli brothers see more clearly what this guy (and his advisors) is all about. KGS

US attacks Israel over West Bank settlements

The Obama administration attacked Israel on Friday for giving the green light to the building of hundreds of new homes in the occupied West Bank even as the two sides negotiate a freeze on settlement construction.Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, is set to approve the new homes in the coming days, a move that appears aimed at softening opposition within his rightwing Likud party to a temporary settlement freeze. An official close to Mr Netanyahu who declined to be identified because of the sensitivity of the issue said the PM would consider freezing building “for a few months” only after giving the green light to the construction of the new units for Jewish settlers. “We regret the reports of Israel’s plans to approve additional settlement construction,” said Robert Gibbs, White House spokesman. “The US does not accept the legitimacy of continued settlement expansion and we urge that it stop. We are working to create a climate in which negotiations can take place, and such actions make it harder to create such a climate.”George Mitchell, the Middle East envoy for Barack Obama, the US president, is due in Israel next week to continue the settlements negotiations, which Washington hopes will facilitate a resumption of stalled peace talks with the Palestinians.The Obama administration has indicated it could sign up to less than the complete freeze on new building that it has demanded. “In a negotiation, people always stake out a variety of positions,” a state department spokesman said on Thursday. “Will that be the final position? Who knows?”

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