Obama Sends Iranian Leader Another Letter…….

It’s in, B.Hussein and Moody
…are pen pals again

Moody: You got some pretty handwriting ‘H’B.Hussein: And I brushed up on writing right to left as well!

Another round of ”chewing the fat” with Moody and the gang. I guess the new round of dialogue is to be the catalyst for an ushering in of a new round of dialogue. Great! KGS

US President Barack Obama has reportedly sent his second direct message to Iranian authorities. Tabnak on Wednesday said Iran has received a second letter, but did not mention the exact date the correspondence had reached Tehran.

“The first letter was dispatched in Ordibehesht, before the elections,” Tabnak said referring to the second solar month of the Persian calendar corresponding to 21 April to 21 May. According to the report, Obama’s first letter was not left without an answer.

“The leader at the time replied to the letter by providing argumentation,” the report added without revealing the contents of the letter. Obama, whose campaign for the White House included a pledge to open talks with Iran, struggled to make a clean break from the Bush administration by offering an ‘extended hand’ to Tehran after his election.

H/T: Rantburg News

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