meathead politicians Obama-Gate Racism

The Great Divider Shoves Good Cop Under the Bus…….

Obama sticks foot in mouth

Obama: I’m here to divide

A crony of Obama gets arrested for being uncooperative, so Obama yells racism, in the best tradition of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. KGS


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  1. I don't think the President stuck his foot in his mouth. I listened to his news conference and he prefaced his comment with something we all knew: He and Prof. Gates are longtime friends.

    You couldn't put Barack O'Bama in a jury box on this because he knows Prof. Gates. You can't possibly expect President O'Bama to avoid sticking up for a friend on something that ultimately is a fairly minor incident.

    The LIB news media has blown this whole thing up way out of proportion because they'd rather not get off their duffs and get real news (like the continued brewing discontent in Iran, for example).

    Time to move on and find some real news. For those who want to find every little excuse to dump on President O'Bama, I suppose this is an important story.

  2. I'll have to take a dissenting view TINSC, I would find it difficult to believe Bush would talk that way about an officer doing his job, he would defer to the authorities and not stick in his nose.

    Zero did just that, in the same fashion Wright his mentor, or Jackson or Sharpton….but of course in a more controlled way.

    He should never have stuck his nose in…that was the blunder I was referring to.

  3. It's hard to say that the President was "sticking his nose in" when he was directly questioned about it at a nationally televised news conference.

  4. Oh but I disagree, I believe that he stuck it in, the moment he offered a opinion (a highly negative one) as POTUS, on the actions of a stellar police officer.

    He should have refused to comment on it, and we know that there are many ways for a politician to do so.

    By immediately jumping on the proffs bandwagon and tossing the officer under the bus, he makes it into a racial issue…when it was not, then speaks in his press conference (which I listened to live) that racial issues are still a problem in the US….after HE made it so.

    Sorry, but I'm not convinced.

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