Germany: Koranic Inspired Honor Killing…….

Little girl witnesses
father murdering mother

Little Sahar now without parents
Her father, Zafar, stated: “without remorse, and said: “ The Koran gives me the right to kill my wife, if she’s in love with another man.” That’s how it’s done in Islamic lands that have had little if no cultural influence from non-Muslim countries, but this happened in Europe, in Germany to be exact, and it’s not the first time, nor will it be the last.It’s pure Islam 101 without the blue smoke and mirrors by the apologists who pimp the meme that Islam is a religion of peace, it’s neither ‘just a religion”, nor is it peaceful. Here’s how the followers of Mo, (that madman ‘prophet’ [cult leader] from the Arabian desert) take care of those deemed to have run afoul of Islamic law.
I first spotted this at Pamela’s Atlas Shrugs, and now at Gates of Vienna. Pamela states: The wife and mother was not the only victim in this brutal act of Islamic law. Her daughter Sahar (3) “has not even registered what happened“. The Baron writes: “I could probably fill up this space with such stories every day, and still not have enough time to include them all.Many thanks to Thorin for the translation“:

“Honor killing” in Munich: My daddy stabbed my mummy to deathGirl (3) had to watch the murder of her own motherLittle Sahar (3) is sitting in her relative’s living room in Munich Obersendling. She’s playing silently with plasticine and makes colorful balls and figures. But her child’s eyes are apathetic, far away.Sahar is still unaware how much the last hours have changed her life. She’s the surviving victim of a terrifying slaughter. The survivor of an “honor killing” — done in the name of the Koran.It was on the night before Monday, shortly before midnight. Nesima had been quarreling with her husband Zafar (27) for months. Both are originally from Afghanistan; Nesima has grown up in Munich.In 2004 she was forced into a marriage with Zafar, and her daughter Sahar was born. But when Zafar came to Munich seeking asylum in the end of 2008, Nesima was already living with another man from Afghanistan — his cousin.The murder was committed in the apartment of Nesima’s niece Sayenab (20). Both were living in the same block of flats. Nesima was on a visit when her husband suddenly knocked violently at the door and shouted: “Open up!”- – – – – – – –
When Nesima thought he was gone she left the apartment together with her daughter. But then suddenly her husband came out of the dark corridor and was walking towards her.“I have called the police,” said Nesima. Then Zafar grabbed her by the wrist and stabbed her with his knife, again, and again, and again.Eyewitness Sayenab said: “She screamed so terribly. He pulled her into the apartment, into the bathroom.” Nesima broke down bleeding in front of the bathtub, but the husband was still stabbing like mad.“Doing this he looked into the eyes of his daughter. So I grabbed the girl and fled with her to the balcony.”Nesima died shortly afterwards in hospital, and her husband delivered himself to the police. He confessed the murder immediately, without remorse, and said: “ The Koran gives me the right to kill my wife, if she’s in love with another man.”

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