More on the Knut Hamsun Farse: Norwegian ITF Chair Issues a Statement…….

Looking to save face in spite of the indefensible,
the Norwegian ITF Chair continues to press on

Knowing not when to call it quitsIn fact, they are so assured of themselves, they can’t see how much of an ass Norway is making itself into on the international level. It’s as plain as the nose on your face, but the Norwegian contingent refuses to see what is most certainly obvious to everyone else. 1.) You do not honor an avowed Nazi that gave his Nobel Peace Prize for literature to German National Socialist (Nazi) Joseph Goebbels.2.) You most certainly do seek to chair the ‘Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance, and Research’ if your state in question is set on honoring such a man, let alone during the same year.The Tundra Tabloids came across the following article (Norwegian only) which mentions the brouhaha surrounding Norwegian author, Knut Hamsun’s being honored by the Norwegian state, at the same time it chairs the ITF. An interesting point made by the notorious anti-Israeli (and anti-Semite) former Norwegian prime minister Kare Willoch, who states that: “One can not distinguish between person and poet. [and]It would be unhistorical/without precedent to name a place after a Nazi.” That is what both the Norwegian government and the ITF Chair are asking people to do. If a noted anti-Semite like Kare Willoch can see the trees for the forest, what does that say about the government and the ITF Chair? KGSNOTE: Read more on Knut Hamsun farse here.

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