It’s finally revealed!
CJ works for the Counter Jihad

What interesting bedfellows these two make!The unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case now feels free to use LGF as a source for its wild claims against the esteemed Robert Spencer. Serial taqiyya artists meet serial libel blogger and pseudo conservative. It’s a match!Hamas-linked CAIR defames me again, tries to block my ALA appearance, takes material from libelblogger Charles Johnson of Little Green FootballsSPENCER:

I wrote the other day about how some alleged believers in free speech among American academia are trying to block my speaking at the American Library Association convention this Sunday. Now the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), true to form, has gotten into the act, sending the ALA a fresh steaming pile of defamation, lies, and distortions (drawing once again on material from its favorite useful idiot, the discredited, thoroughly dishonest Charles Johnson of that cesspool of lies and hate, Little Green Footballs), asking that I be dropped from the ALA panel.”

YID WITH LID: “Today Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs struck a new low. No he didn’t ban his mother (although she did once see Robert Spencer on Fox News so she better watch out). Charles became the tool of CAIR the Council on American-Islamic Relations”. Weasel Zippers delivers the coup de grace:

“And I thought Charles’ sudden lurch to the far-left, bizarre obsession with creationism, love affair with the DHS right-wing extremist report, finding “proof” of radical veterans, hatred of Fox News and pro-life smear campaign was bad, this is just the icing on the cake. Charles has really made a f*cking mess of a once top-notch blog…..”

Great going Chuck! KGS

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