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Arab Woman Who Ignored Warnings at Check Point Shot by IDF Troops…….

An abused Arab woman thinks that the only solution to her plight, is to attempt suicide at an Israeli road block. Hidden inside this story is a pearl of truth, that every Arab in the disputed territories and in Gaza KNOW all too well that, approaching IDF roadblocks and checkpoints and not obeying commands entails serious consquences.
The next time you hear of an Arab getting shot at a border fence after not heeding warnings, just remember this story. The reason behind the IDF’s demands for complete compliance is all to clear, any kind of departure from strict guidelines can end in a suicide Islamokazi taking out a detail of border guards or soldiers, as well as any civilians that happen to be around at the time.
Another aspect to the story, is the fact that abused/battered Arab women in Gaza and in the disputed territories have no hope for bettering their situation, like finding safe houses that Israeli Arabs have at their disposal. Also is the question of how young this woman (who’s 18 years-of-age) was married to her bruiser of a husband, and why couldn’t she depend upon a relative for support?
The answer to that one is, once she’s married, she ceases being the property of her father, and begins being the property of her husband, and rare is the relative to stick their nose into a situation where a husband is only “exacting his lawfull religious right” in beating her. KGS
H/T: Gaia
A Palestinian woman carrying a suspicious object was moderately wounded by IDF fire on Friday morning near the Bekaot checkpoint in the Jordan Valley, north of Jericho.
The soldiers shot at the woman’s lower body after shooting in the air and after she did not heed their calls to stop advancing towards them, the military said.

After the woman was shot, the soldiers discovered she was carrying a toy gun. She was evacuated to Haemek Hospital in Afula in moderate condition.

An officer of the Civil Administration who interrogated the wounded woman asked her why she acted in this manner. She showed him bruise marks on her hands and said she wanted to kill herself after having been abused at home. The woman is an 18 years old, married with a child.

The IDF said troops at the checkpoint acted according to protocol.

Three years ago, a gunman shot and killed an IDF soldier at the same checkpoint. IDF soldier St.-Sgt. Ro’i Farjun was killed at there in August 2006, after a Palestinian opened fire at him. Troops returned fire, killing the gunman.

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