Finland: State Wants to Deport Egyptian Grandmother, Finnish Christians Want to Offer Her Sanctuary…….

UPDATE: Anonymous writer illuminates: “Hm, I’ve read from news that this Egyptian grandmother is Christian, NOT Muslim. 10% of Egyptians are Christian.” The TT agrees, and withdraws the original post. The grandmother is a Coptic Christian, so one wonder whether or not if she were a Muslim would she be getting preferential treatment from the Finnish state?KGSEgyptian Grandmother Faces Deportation

Migration Minister Astrid Thors says she does not plan to issue new rules on family reunification. Controversy on Finland’s family reunification rules erupted after Helsingin Sanomat broke the news of a deportation order handed to an Egyptian grandmother who has been living in Finland with her children.

Under current law, grandparents are not granted residence permits in Finland based on family ties. A foreign elderly relative must be totally dependent on her family to be allowed to stay in Finland.

The woman, an Egyptian national, has been living in Finland for two years. She is now facing deportation as she is not considered to belong to her sons’ nuclear families. The woman’s sons are Finnish citizens.

The woman’s family members in Finland say she is unable to live on her own in Egypt, where she has no relatives. It’s up to the authorities to decide whether the woman is able to care for herself.

Officials have given the woman one month to leave Finland voluntarily.

Several Finnish congregations have offered the woman sanctuary.

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