UK Prison System Wimps Out…….

UK Prison System: Though shall not
make fun of Osama Bin-Laden

A bearded Osama a red line for Muslim prisonersOk, the Tundra Tabloids is divided over this one. Prisoners don’t deserve a newspaper of their own, and the prison system has to keep the peace within its walls. But it does strike a nerve nonetheless. You decide. KGS
Prison newspaper pulps 50,000 copies
over fears cartoon of bearded pig
in turban would offend Muslims

A prison newspaper has been withdrawn for publishing a satirical cartoon of a bearded pig dressed in a turban.

Almost 50,000 copies of Inside Time were pulped as jail bosses took offence at the illustration accompanying the article ‘Porky’s Revenge’.

The piece, written by an inmate at Hull Prison, suggested that swine flu was the result of a failed plot by Osama Bin Laden to ‘eradicate every pig in Christendom’.

Andy Thackwray’s article was accompanied by an image of a bearded, turbanned pig standing on its hind legs and sneezing.

The Ministry of Justice said it was ‘extremely concerned’ that the article and cartoon might offend the Muslim prison population.

Diversity chiefs at Wormwood Scrubs prison in West London contacted magazine officials and the June issues were withdrawn – at a cost of up to £20,000.

The monthly independent publication will be reprinted without the offending pieces.

A senior prison source said: ‘There’s been a complete overreaction to this article. It’s insane political correctness.

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