Sweden: Somali Refugees in on the Jihad in Somalia…….

Sweden’s Somali refugees on patrol in Somalia
SvD reports that more than 20 Somali jihadists (Swedish citizens) have traveled from Sweden to fight for al-Shabaab in Somalia. KGS

UPDATE: A portion from the paper Kyrkpressen, page 11 (pdf): “In Somalia the Islamist leaders play an important role, says Pentikäinen. Many of the leaders in Somalia today are Finnish citizens. They’ve returned after having come to Finland during the 1990’s. It’s difficult for immigrants to find work in Finland – it happens that Somalis who have lived here experience bitterness, return to the camps in Somalia and learn how to use weapons.”H/T: Gudmundson

[TT: Get that, “ctivists that belong to Al-Qaida”? HAHAHAHA good going Finnish media!]

Young men in Sweden are attracted by the terrorist organization al-Shabaabs message and go to Somalia to participate in battles. So far, at least 20 people went there to train and participate in the war, in some cases without family knowledge. According SAPO has a handful of persons with Swedish passports were killed in the fighting.

The war in Somalia has lasted a long time, but in recent times, the extreme Islamist group al-Shabaab pulled up in the capital, Mogadishu. Hundreds of civilians have been killed in just a few weeks. al-Shabaab is stamped as a terrorist organization and considered inspired by al-Qaida.

Swedish security police are deeply concerned that young men traveling from Sweden to participate in the fighting in Somalia. According to SAPO’s management analyst at the Unit for kontraterrorism, Malena Rembe, there are several people with a Swedish passport who died in battle. She can not provide any additional details about them, but note that it is a personal tragedy for the family.

– We estimate that around 20 people have traveled from Sweden to Somalia to participate in acts of violence or education. […] What worries us is that it is ongoing and growing, “says Malena Rembe.

A Swedish source tells the Tundra Tabloids that this Swedish Leftist states that the Somali Islamic jihadi Al Shabaab….is a “classic liberation movement”. Why doesn’t that surprise me? KGS

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