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Finnish State TV Broadcasting Airs French Documentary On Euro-Fascism…….

Every once in a while, the European Left feels the need to
dust off its credentials and prove its value and worth to society.

The interesting thing about the French documentary, is that while it does indeed produce European groups that are in fact, Neo-Fascists, it blows their impact in European politics way out of proportion. What it looks like more to me, is an attempt by the Left to curry favor in the eyes of the public as stíll being the vanguards against the rise of nationalist extremism in Europe.

The real Fascists will always be easy to identify, in order to maintain credibility with their existing members, Jew hate, anti-capitalism and anti-US rhetoric will always be high on their agenda list. Leftist international Socialists hate their nationalist Socialist brethern with a passion, and I’m sure the feeling is mutual, so for those of us Liberal (classical sense) capitalists or modern day conservatives who watch from the sidelines, all of this could be pretty amusing, if it were not for that fact that both branches of the same ideology are reeking havoc upon our western democracies.
So the French documentary begins to tell the story of the rise of Euro-Fascism in the present day, but when it comes to Sweden, warning bells and sirens begin to go off. The documentary uses the radical hard Left EXPO organization to trash the Swedish Democrats, a party that has nothing to do with Fascism, and who are hated by real Fascists for their philo-semitic and pro-Israel party platform.

An interesting fact about EXPO, is the fact that they hail from the very hard Left. I quote Fjordman over at the Gates of Vienna:

One of the co-founders of Expo, Tobias Hübinette (pictured left) , wrote in 1996 (Creol no 1 1996 and “Svartvitt”): “To feel and even think that the white race is inferior in every conceivable way is natural with regards to its history and current actions. Let the Western countries of the white race perish in blood and suffering. Long live the multicultural, racially mixed and classless ecological society! Long live anarchy!”
I found several references to this quote online and asked Swedish blogger Kurt Lundgren if he could get his readers to check out the original, written source. One of them did, and could confirm that the quote was authentic. He posted an image of the original text from 1996. According to his own CV, Tobias Hübinette worked for Expo until at least 1997.
In other words, he continued doing research for this “anti-racist” organization after having publicly advocated the extermination of the white race and the violent destruction of an entire civilization. Nobody seemed to mind. During this time period he did research about “Nazis.” He has openly defended the use of violence for political reasons, even against children and the elderly, and has also been convicted of violence.”
Well to make matter worse for the EXPO group in regards to their credibility, the French documentary film makers get a few names from EXPO member, Daniel Pool, of SD party members that made contributions (among other things) to national socialist parties, like for example the NSF.
This is all made known in order to discredit the Swedish Democrats party, and even though Pool states that none of the SD leadership have any connections with neo-fascists, he then delivers a few names of SD members in the lower rank and file, who have maintained their connections.
What Pool fails to tell the film makers is that when it became known of the connections, Karin Svensson, Jan Kassberg and Göran Lagrot were removed from the Swedish Democrats. They are no longer members of the party, but EXPO got their drive-by smear attack into the public record, and for them that’s all that mattered. Read more about EXPO here. KGS

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