A Pope, Church Officials, a Rabbi and a Well Known Anti-Semite Hamas Supporting Sheikh…….

What were they thinking?

Photo:Pope Benedict XVI, center, listens along with Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen, left, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, second left, Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal, second right, and Sheikh Taysir Tamimi during an interfaith gathering at the Notre Dame Center in Jerusalem today
The headline to this post reads like the beginning of a joke, which the TT thinks is most appropriate, because both the organizers and participants to the ‘interfaith dialogue’ have a lot to answer for. Such is the wisdom of sitting down with known a racist and genocide supporting leader, because all you’re likely to hear IS racist speech and calls for genocide. Why give the goons a platform to speak in the first place, it only gives them the spotlight and credibility that they crave to pontificate their extremist agenda. Morons. KGS
The Tundra Tabloids agrees with Debbie Schlussel,
“… pardon me if I don’t buy the Vatican’s claim they didn’t know Tamimi would be part of the agenda. And pardon me if I think it’s nauseating that the Pope chose to sit by as this occurred, without walking out on this while it was occurring. And pardon me if I think it’s disgusting he shook the guy’s hand on the way out–the hand of a well-known anti-Semite and pan-terrorist inciter. What good does it do that he walked out after? Big deal.” Also Carl in Jerusalem has much more.
Pamela at Atlas Shrugs notes:
“What was the Pope expecting? Hasn’t he read the Quran? This was pious speech! As if these savages were capable of “peace” — it is an anathema to islamic doctrine. They will never accept a Jewish state. Interreligious dialogue= convert or die.”
A leading Palestinian cleric commandeered an evening devoted to interfaith dialogue with Pope Benedict XVI on Monday to rant against Israel for “killing Gaza’s children,” “bulldozing Palestinian homes” and “destroying mosques.”
In an impromptu speech, delivered in Arabic at the Notre Dame Pontifical Institute in Jerusalem, Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi, chief Islamic judge in the Palestinian Authority, launched a 10-minute tirade against the State of Israel for confiscating Palestinians’ land and carrying out war crimes against the residents of Gaza.
He also called for the immediate return of all Palestinian refugees, and called on Christians and Muslims to unite against Israel. Tamimi invoked the name of Saladin, the Muslim sultan who recaptured Jerusalem from the Crusaders in 1187.

NOTE: The Pope and the rest should have never sat down with the racist Hamas supporter Tammimi, and at the least, should have walked out during his speech. They chose not to, and that is very regrettable. KGS

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