Clarion Fund’s Newest Documentary Film: The Third Jihad…….

UPDATE: I received the following correction from someone connected with the Clarion Foundation:
(1) The Clarion Fund did not “refuse” to answer Debbie Schlussel’s questions. Rather, they took the time to investigate the Sam Adams Alliance issue.

(2) The Clarion Fund has never and will never donate or partner with the Sam Adams Alliance. This is a fabrication. My colleagues and I let Debbie Schlussel know this as well (our e-mail correspondence is attached).

(3) Dr. Jasser is NOT the chairman of the Clarion Fund. Their executive director is Peter Connors from Portsmouth, NH. Dr. Jasser is just the narrator of the film. He is the chairman of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD).

UPDATE: Mea Culpa. The TT has come to find out that there is more to the Clarion Foundation and it’s chairman Zhudi Jasser than meets the eye. Debbie Schlussel writes:
This morning, a friend invited me to lunch with M. Zuhdi Jasser, MD, the Syrian-American Muslim who wants us to believe that most Muslims are peaceful because they don’t belong to mosques. He is in Detroit to promote, show, and answer questions on “The Third Jihad,” the movie he and the Clarion Foundation funded and have since released.
The Clarion Foundation also contacted me over the weekend, urging me to promote this movie, but they refused to respond to my questions about it and Jasser. And I don’t recommend it because of the behavior, disinformation, lies, and double-speak of Dr. Jasser. For the same reasons–which I’ve mentioned on this site previously–and others, which I note below, I declined my friend’s invitation.

You see, the message Mr. Jasser is spreading is contrary to the one he claims in the movie. The movie warns of the homegrown jihad we’ve been warning about for years, since before 9/11. But Jasser’s statements regularly contradict the movie. He’s two-faced, and a liar. And you simply can’t believe a single piece of fertilizer coming out of his mouth. He openly lied to me in an e-mail, claiming he’d never discussed a topic on Detroit radio, which he expressly did discuss on the air for a full half-hour.

Jasser has consistently appeared on Detroit radio shows and TV and radio shows around the country, saying the usual bullcrap, i.e., that Islam is a peaceful religion, that the majority of Muslims are peaceful because they don’t belong to a mosque, that CAIR and MPAC and ISNA, etc. don’t represent Islam.

Jasser also said on a Detroit radio broadcast earlier this year, that it’s unfair to blame the imam of a Minneapolis-area mosque or the mosque for recruiting a number of secular Somali boys to become terrorists for the Al-Qaeda network’s Al-Shabaab in Somalia. He claimed to know the imam of the mosque and be familiar with the mosque in excusing the two, but even the parents of the missing boys blame the mosque and the imam, and the FBI admits it’s investigating the mosque and the imam (who is on the no-fly list and has been for ages).

Sorry, but that’s baloney. Islam is not peaceful. Whether or not Muslims belong to a mosque is not the determinant of their radicalism, only an adding factor. I know some extremely secular Muslims who drink alcohol and haven’t been to a mosque in decades. But they love Hezbollah and HAMAS and hate Jews, Christians, America, and Israel. If the majority of Muslims are really peaceful and don’t support terrorist groups, why did I see ten thousand Muslims–during the workday–marching on the streets of Dearborn and Detroit in support of Hezbollah and HAMAS in both 2006 and early 2009? Why do Bin Laden, HAMAS, Hezbollah, Ahmadinejad, and Nasrallah remain the most popular figures and entities in poll after poll of Muslims? Why do a third of young American Muslims support homicide bombings?

Dr. Jasser was kicked out of his mosque in Arizona, a pretty good sign that Islam is, in fact, radical, and they don’t want his pretentious claim otherwise. I’m sorry, but CAIR, ISNA, and MPAC do represent Islam more than he does. Far more, despite his claims otherwise. It’s like when Communist fantasists and utopians used to tell me that I can’t judge Communism by its manifestation and practice in the Soviet Union or Cuba or China, because they don’t practice “real” Communism and don’t represent this silent, imaginary majority of Communists worldwide who love peace and don’t throw people in jail for a life of torture for writing a poem. Sorry, Zuhdi, but you know better. And yet, you continue to lie. I asked Jasser how many Muslim members he has in his organization, the “American Islamic Forum for Democracy,” and he didn’t respond. He’s told others it’s about 100. That’s not even negligible. It’s downright embarrassing.ALSO: Elie Klein and Clarion took four days to respond to what I wrote and responded ONLY because I wrote it.

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs mentions the following as well: In good conscience I cannot support the deception of Dr. Jasser. I was asked to promote the film, Third Jihad, but frankly there’s enough garbage and smoke and mirrors out there on Islam, I will not assist in propagating more obfuscation. If you missed my hour long interview with Jasser back in 2007 – listen to it. I exposed Jasser in this seminal radio show – taqiya and all:Listen to RADIO click here: Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, Chairman American Islamic Democracy Forum Jasser can not answer my questions on the “immutable” word of the Quran and the fact that “reformation” or “reinterpretation” is punishable by death. In other words, you can’t have your private little Islam. Period. Of course when he referred to Israel as occupied territory in the last five minutes of the interview, he blew his cover. Further, Jasser refutes Islamic antisemitism in the interview as well. He may be well intended but his approach and theology is just plain unislamic. The film is misleading. Makes people think there are a lot of Jassers out there when there really aren’t.

Pamela also mentions something privately about Jasser that the I can’t reveal, that further drives the nail into his taqqiya spreading enterprise…so SORRY FOLKS, the TT has helped spread something it shouldn’t have, and this is the only way possible to help correct that major error. My humble apologies. KGS

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