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UK: Honor Murders Strike Again as Mohammed Ali Struck Until His Knives Broke…….

”He had left behind a scene of carnage.”

A case of him not getting something he wanted,
or something not going his way

And they’ll spin it as being just a case of demented ‘jilted lover’, even though a culture influenced by the Ideology of Perpetual Rage certainly explains the depravity behind the brutal killings.

Man ‘killed girlfriend and her sister
in attack so brutal that knives broke’

A man killed his ‘on-off’ girlfriend and her sister in a brutal, depraved attack, knifing one of them more than 30 times, a jury heard today. Mohammed Ali was twice forced to rearm himself after knives broke as he stabbed Yasmine and Sabrina Larbi-Cherif, a court heard.

Opening the case against Ali, prosecutor David Crigman QC said the 29-year-old had been in a relationship with Yasmine, 22, before killing her and her 19-year-old sister Sabrina.

Mr Crigman told Birmingham Crown Court that that Ali, who has admitted manslaughter on the grounds of provocation but denies murder, stabbed both women in the lounge of their flat before dragging their bodies into a bedroom, leaving a ‘swathe’ of blood on the floor.

After showing the jury CCTV footage of Ali leaving the Jupiter Apartments in Ryland Street, Birmingham, following the killings, Mr Crigman told the panel: ‘He had left behind a scene of carnage.

‘He had used violence of the most brutal and depraved kind and he had killed two young girls.’ The jury was told that the partially-clothed bodies of the Algerian-born siblings were found last September at their fourth floor flat near to Birmingham Broad Street entertainment district.

In his opening speech, Mr Crigman added that Ali, of Old Snow Hill, Birmingham, was arrested in Dover two days after being seen leaving the flat. ‘In this case, it’s likely that there will be overlapping motives – anger, control, base male brutality and a significant sexual dimension,’ the lawyer said.

Warning jurors that some of the photographs taken by police inside the flat were distressing, Mr Crigman invited them to look at one showing the sisters’ bodies lying on a bed. Each of the victims was naked from the waist down, but an item had been thrown over their lower bodies, the court heard.

Mr Crigman continued: ‘It is a certainty that where you see those girls is not where they were attacked or killed. ‘They were attacked in the lounge of the flat and they were dragged, dead or dying… and extremely likely already dead, into the bedroom.’

The prosecution barrister then went on to detail the wounds the sisters had suffered, revealing that Sabrina’s injuries from a series of ‘precision strikes’ had led to the loss of the entirety of the blood in her system. The younger victim was stabbed 32 times by Ali, who is thought to be from Morocco or Iraq.

Yasmine had also undergone ‘a beating’, Mr Crigman said, sustaining wounds to her arm and wrist and an eight-inch-deep stab wound to her back which entered her heart. The prosecutor then returned to the CCTV image of Ali leaving the apartment with a carrier bag at about 1pm on Sunday September 14, noting that the image was chilling in its ordinariness.

When you’re taught that females are the personal property of the Muslim male, and that the female is such a sinful, seductive being that warrants special attention when they step out of line, this kind of atrocity is bound to happen, and it does, repeatedly. KGS

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  1. I too wrote about this – but not once did the article use the term ‘honour killing’.

    That doesn’t surprise me, but it does concern me. He was a Muslim man who felt he’d lost control of ‘his’ woman, the attack was sustained and violent, and there was evidence of sexual violence and humiliation.

    Classic honour killing, but they just didn’t play that angle at all. Hopefully we’re at the point where most people put two and two together upon hearing his name, but I don’t think so.

  2. In full agreement with the The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer.

    Islam preaches the full subjugation of its womenfolk, there is no getting around that.

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