Anti-Terrorism Measures Curtailed due to Fear of Angering Muslims…….

And they think that will stop
the Ideology of Perpetual Outrage

We live for being angered
don’t take away are fun!

The Brits are just fooling themselves if they think that the Muslims who live to be provoked, will let go of their favorite pastime, in order to reciprocate the appeasing measures by the British dhimmified Scotland Yard. Dream on. KGSOfficers stripped of stop and search terror powers
over fears of angering Muslims

Scotland Yard is to scale down its controversial stop-and-search anti-terrorism powers over fears the ‘blanket’ weapon could be alienating Muslims. The move was ordered by Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson after talks with groups, including the Muslim Safety Forum and Liberty. He said: ‘We might need to be a little more discerning about how we use it.

‘Recently we’ve been using it as a blanket power. We should be more targeted about it.’ The Section 44 measure, which was introduced in the Terrorism Act 2000, has been in force across London since the 7/7 bombings and allows officers to stop and search without reasonable suspicion. Anti-terrorism chiefs ordered an escalation of its use after the attempted bombing of the Tiger Tiger nightclub in Haymarket in June 2007. But details of new tactics, to be brought in across the capital this summer, were being outlined by Assistant Commissioner John Yates to the Metropolitan Police Authority today. Government figures released last week showed minority communities were disproportionately targeted by the tactic. The number of black people stopped under the power rose by 322 per cent, compared with a rise of 277 per cent for Asians and 185 per cent for white people.

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