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Malta: Islam Takes Its Cause to the Streets…….

Masse prayer outdoors in Catholic country

But wait, it isn’t Catholics doing the praying

What’s that you say, where’s the harm in a religious group receiving permission from the police to publicly pray to their deity in the center of town? What could be possibly wrong with that? On one level, it’s an entirely legitimate exercise, a group obtains permission to act in public and carries it out without any spot of violence or major disturbance to the public order.

Totally legal in every respect.

On another level however, it’s a brazen political act of defiance and a call to the larger public that they have political Islam in their midst, and that as long as their demands are not being met, they will continue to see such acts in the future. Islam has arrived. The Baron offers a few salient words on the subject:

Baron Bodissey: The “stealth jihad” has had great success in the West thus far by playing on the hallowed principle of religious tolerance. Our traditions require us to turn a blind eye to the preaching of violent jihad in mosques. Decorum demands that we ignore the fomenting of sedition by radical clerics. These are religious sites and religious men, and enjoy immunity from interference.

Thus we are reluctant to confront what is happening in our midst, out of a misplaced fear of being exposed as “intolerant”.

However, mosques are much more than houses of prayer. They are churches, city halls, armories, and military recruiting centers, all rolled into one.

So whenever Muslims gather en masse to pray, it is not simply a religious occasion. It is also a political act, no matter how many of the worshippers have nothing more than prayerful supplication in their hearts.

That’s at the heart of the act by this group of Muslims. They wait for a situation to develop, then use it for all its worth to draw attention to the “human rights” issues concerning their plight, not being able to worship as they like. Many Muslims make hash out of our tolerant socio-political systems, and then when they reach critical mass, they will seek to reshape our system to conform to Islamic understandings of how society is run.

The mosque is where all this planning takes place, which is why the building of them is such a political hot potato as well as a minefield for many of our elected officials. Nobody in the West wants to be seen as being offensive or intolerant, but what makes this all the more ironic, is that the imams who are demanding this “increased tolerance” in Western societies, will never be heard speaking about the intolerance of Islam in their home countries towards the non-Muslim.

Folks, for many an Islamic preacher, the “street of tolerance” only goes in one direction, with only Islam benefiting from every “dialogue between the faiths” meeting or conference. That’s how it’s designed to play out, feign concern for all but continually moving the goal posts in Islam’s direction, and the Western stooges fall for it time and again. It’s a game for suckers and the West seems to love being taken.

H/T: Sheik Yer’Mami & Gates of Vienna

Muslims gather in prayer along Sliema front

About 50 Muslim men took their prayer rugs to the Sliema front yesterday after the planning authority sealed off their place of worship. The Muslims said the Malta Environment and Planning Authority had locked them out of their flat in Sliema where they used to pray, so they decided to take their cause outside.

“We are not here to protest or threaten violence but to express our fundamental human right to gather in prayer,” Bader Zina, one of the leaders, said. According to Mepa, a number of complaints had been received by neighbours and the flat did not have a licence to be used as a place of worship.

The Muslims, many of whom Maltese, were dressed in traditional clothing. They had a permit and police protection and said this might become a regular appointment until their flat was reopened.

This behaviour did not go down well with a group of Maltese onlookers who warned that if this happened again “there will be trouble“.

Malta is a Catholic country. They have no right to come here and pray in front of us. I don’t care what they do in the privacy of their own home but not here,” one Maltese woman said.

We’ve had enough. If you were to do the same in their country they would stone you. I can’t understand how they could have been given a permit for this, including police presence and all!” her husband added, visibly disturbed by what he saw.

They should go to a mosque. That is where they belong. Or in some hole somewhere. But not here where I get my children to eat and have a good time. I would have had no problem if they were Catholics praying… in Malta we are all Catholics so it’s not a problem, but not them. Even the tourists were disgusted,” he claimed, as his teenage son nodded in agreement.

The owner of a nearby kiosk said she had no problem with them and some were her friends and clients. But she acknowledged that their presence lost her a lot of business yesterday. She said they should be allowed to remain in their flat where they would not be disturbing anyone.

Another man said the praying did not disturb him and it was less noisy than he would have thought. “I don’t see what the problem is. These are Maltese people with a different religion. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to pray quietly outdoors if we can have noisy feasts and drunken brawls?”

Mr Zina said they did not want to anger anyone: “All we want to do is praise God“.

He said that besides the Sliema flat, another in Buġibba had also been locked up by Mepa simply because it was used by Muslims to gather in prayer. The residents of the flats had to seek alternative accommodation.

“Since when do you need a licence to pray? I don’t see anyone closing down other prayer groups. And, anyway, I would rather have a group of Catholics singing praise to God next to my house than a bar,” Mr Zina said.

He explained that Muslims prayed five times a day and it was preferable to do so in groups. He did not sense a negative reaction from the Maltese in the area, except for one woman who insisted on walking her dog in front of them. When she tried it the second time, she was stopped by the police.

He said it was sad to see some Maltese Catholics who feared or were intolerant towards Muslims and efforts should be made to encourage tolerance and integration.

Although he condemned any type of violence or revenge, he said that if people were discriminated against and hurt, it would become impossible to control a backlash.

It’s all about politics, presenting a sizable image to the public at large and crying about civil-human rights to get the non-Muslim public to bend. Please take note of the veiled threat that’s often repeated by many an Islamic leader, “if our demands will not be met, it might be difficult to hold back the angered mob”. It’s a threat used time and again by these imams in the exact way Yasser Arafat used the threat of violence if the PLO-PA’s demands were not met, then feign helplessness after the violence starts. KGS

NOTE: Commenter Raymond Cachia states: “To see this simply as a religious issue is very myopic and misguided.

Islam, the so called religion of peace is in reality a Socio- Political cult with no separation of religion and State. Its stated aim is world domination in the name of Allah. So it is different to all other religions this very important aspect.

And one of the key weapons in achieving this dominance is through sheer population growth. This is done through immigration (legal and illegal) to hitherto non-Muslim lands and through birthrates which outstrip all others (the average Muslim family has over 8 children as opposed to 1.3 for most non-Muslims).

Once they a population advantage is achieved, Islam will demand to impose its rules on the rest of society. It will deny the rights to freedom of worship and conscience it so vehemently demands while it is still a minority it the West. Islam denies equal rights and treatment to women, gays and non-believers. Proof of this can be seen in practice in such nations as Saudi Arabia, Iran and most of the Islamic Republics.

Ditto Raymond, well said. KGS

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