Israel Set to Revoke Citizenship of Arab Traitors…….

Loyal to the state? I think not.

And of course the bed wetting, pseudo human rights watchers will be screaming raaaaaacism over Israel’s revoking the citizenship of these traitorous Arabs. Just you wait and see. I believe that the Dutch lawmaker, Geert Wilders, has offered similar proposals for revoking the citizenship and the deportation for Muslims who work against the Dutch state. Sounds like a great law, hopefully it will be passed soon by the Dutch parliament. KGS

Interior Minister Yishai says will arrest four citizens who have been living in enemy states in past few years and were involved in activities prejudicial to the State’s security, should they act on their plan to return to Israel through Jordan

Interior Minister Eli Yishai decided Tuesday to begin revoking the citizenship of four Israelis involved in activities prejudicial to the State’s security.

Ynet has learned that the four are Arabs from northern Israel, who left the country in the 1970s and were involved in activities on behalf of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and other terror groups.

According to Israeli suspicions, the men were involved in the recruiting and training of terrorists. The four sought to return to Israel through Jordan and asked for passports. One of them even asked to bring his children along.

Yaakov Ganot, head of the National Immigration Authority, asked Minister Yishai to look into the possibility of revoking the four men’s citizenship. According to the information presented by Ganot, the four left Israel many years ago and resided in countries defined by law as enemy states, including Lebanon and Tunisia.

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