Hans Blix Says he Regrets Israel Developed Nuclear Weapons Capability…….

One is a Swede and the other a Frenchman
What do they have in common?

They both hate Jews and could care less if Israel
is unable to defend itself from its enemies

H/T: Baron BodisseyHans Blix was recently interviewed in Foreign Policy in which he dropped the humanitarian mask that many a Swedish bureaucrat and international do-gooder “goodists” like to wear, by stating that he regretted that Israel obtained a nuclear weapon. Seven Questions: Hans Blix

FP: If there were just two options, how would you weigh the choice between an attack on Iran or a nuclear-armed Iran?Hans Blix: “The consequences of an attack on Iran would very likely be a nuclear-armed Iran! There would be a delay, but nuclear weapons that are hypothetical today would be certain in a few years time. Secondly, an attack would probably have horrible consequences on the supply of oil coming through the Persian Gulf; it would impact the world economy. Nuclear arms in Iran would neutralize the threat of the Israeli nuclear weapons. I do not see that as a disaster; these weapons should not have been developed in the first place.”

In other words…..he categorically denies the existential threat the Arab armies posed to Israel before it obtained a nuclear capability. Either the man is completely ignorant of history and the nature of Israel’s enemies, or he’s a complete moron and a stooge for the Arabs, which is par for the course for those working for the United Nations. KGS

NOTE: Hans and Jean-Marie could be twins.

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