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Chair Throwing Briton Who Foiled Ship Hijacking Hailed as Hero…….

Head of the East African Seafarers’ Assistance Program
says NO to firearms on civilian ships

Andrew Mwangura is in agreement:
Use deck chairs and fire hoses instead!

This is the guy who’s partly responsible for propogating the meme that’s being repeated here in Finland, that Somali piracy is solely being driven by poverty after their waters were depleted by illegal fishing and toxic dumping. Conveniently Mwangura doesn’t mention that many of these Somali maritime marauders are working for the Shabaab, who are raking in big bucks to fund the Jihad.

Andrew Mwangura has also stated thatTo end piracy, the world should sit down with the influential clan elders and Islamists instead of wasting money on military build-ups at sea and holding expensive conferences on piracy.”

Well the “Islamists” are already doing their talking by successfully taking over many areas of Somalia (as well as casting their gaze on parts of Kenya) and implementing the sharia through the vast influx of ransom money, jihadis elsewhere are estatic. Truth be told, jihadi-piracy in Somali waters is a multifaceted problem that will not be solved by either weapons or by enticement to traditional forms of employment.

The lure of great wealth to reward themselves and fund the jihad and takeover of Somalia, will prove to be too great of a factor for the local clan leaders to counter. There has to be a show of force, which means an increase in international resolve to counter the jihadi-pirates’ gains of the last few years, while supporting the Somali central government.

What commercial shipping companies need to be doing is greatly arming themselves, or contracting others to protect their ships, and let the international community deal with supporting the Somali government. KGS

I fought off gun-toting pirates with deckchair,
reveals hero Briton, 62, who foiled cruise ship hijack

A British holidaymaker is being hailed a hero – after he threw a deckchair at pirates who were scrambling up the sides of the cruise shop he was on board. Wyn Rowlands was enjoying his 62nd birthday on the MSC Melody when the pirates attacked. The retired engineer from Bangor-on-Dee hurled his deckchair towards the armed men as they advanced.

NOTE: The attack was repelled due to the ship hiring Israeli security guards, but kudos to the Brit who threw the deck chair.

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