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Charles Johnson Gets Punked and is Now the Dan Rather of the Blogosphere……!




Clue for Chuck E Cheese:
Dewinter and Markus Beisicht were in BRUESSELS
The Tundra Tabloids has to admit that it didn’t catch at first, what is now all to obvious, that the photograph of both men standing in front of a crowd, was indeed a faux photo placed in front of ANTIFA demonstrators, who would have been charging at the men instead of waiting patiently behind them while they had their picture taken.
When one downloads the real photograph, you can see that the caption reads BRUESSELS, no English speaking person would have written it in that way. But Charles is still dumfounded on where it could have originated from….duh. That’s what happens when you set your sights on the prize and fail to look closer to the details…you let things slip on by.
And like Dan Rather, the CBS discredited newscaster that LGF helped to expose, now Charles Johnson is found exposed, whether by his own carelessness, or having been fed the doctored photo from one of his cohorts here in Europe, like Expo or Blokwatch. KGS

NOTE: Chuck is already on his cycle, his “spin cycle” that is, saying that:

Which one is the real photo and which is the altered one? It’s not obvious from examining the pictures, but clearly, one of them was altered. But it’s a meaningless distinction. The point of posting the photograph was not to show Filip DeWinter of the Vlaams Belang and Markus Beisicht of Pro Koln in front of a demonstration — it was very obviously to show that they are associates.”

He can’t even admit that the one with the flags behind Dewinter is in fact the fake, and then says it is a “meaningless distinction”, since its the relationship he was trying to prove. OK CJ, how about trying to do it with a real photograph then?


UPDATE: Spencer adds: The top photo shows Vlaams Belang’s Filip Dewinter with Pro-Köln’s Markus Beisicht in front of what appears to be a neo-Nazi demonstration. (Actually the banners are from Antifa, Antifascistische Aktion, a violent Leftist group.) That’s the photo Johnson ran. The only problem? It’s a fake. The second photo is the real one: Dewinter and Beisicht on the roof of the Flemish Parliament in Brussels.

Exactly Robert, I remember the scene well during the Brussels Counterjihad conference. That is exactly the place, I remember that courtyard leading from the dining hall. KGS

UPDATE: Apparently columnist and blogger, Michelle Malkin, has fallen from grace in the view of the “lidless eye”, and is now threatend by LGF’s Charles Johnson with retribution for linking to the Spencer story about the faux photo run by LGF.

Malkin ran the following:

And then Pamela found this:

A comment from Atlas Shrugs sums things up nicely:

“Well, if his past smears are anything to go by, CJ will probably announce that since Malkin writes for the immigration reform website Vdare.com, and Jared Taylor, a white nationalist and editor of American Renaissance, also writes for Vdare, then it’s pretty obvious that Michelle Malkin IS A WHITE NATIONALIST!!!!! Sharmuta, Killgore Trout and co. will then put the boots to any lizard brave enough to dispute this obvious conclusion. And the rest of us will laugh and laugh and laugh…”

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  1. Watching CJ and LGF disintegrate and descend to the gutter level of Dan Rather is both entertaining and fascinating.

    Rumor has it that some ip addresses hostile to LGF may receive malware attacks from LGF.

    See LGF2 for details. CJ has threatened LGF2 with legal action.

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