Dr.Gerstenfeld Mentions Tundra Tabloids in Jerusalem Post Op-Ed…….

Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld: One more time, and slowly…

Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld from the Jerusalem Center of Public Affairs informs the Tundra Tabloids of an op-ed of his that was published a little over a week ago in the Jerusalem Post. It is in reference to the Kristin Halvorsen affair, in which the Norwegian government minister participated in an anti-Israel demonstration in January of this year during the Israeli military operation in Gaza.
The Jerusalem Post published in March, an article about the incident which caused an uproar in Norway, which was later edited for errors and then pulled entirely. It was then replaced by a newer article that contained all the latest information and changes, one being that, Kristin Halvorsen did not shout anti-Jewish slogans. The Norwegian government was still upset however, by both the original and subsequent article published by the J’lem Post, and had a couple of op-ed published by the same paper in rebuttal.
Dr.Gerstenfeld’s latest op-ed was in response to a couple of op-eds by both the Norwegian ambassador and the spokeswoman for the Norwegian Socialist Left Party, in which the demonstration (in which Halvorsen was participating) was dubbed as “a dignified and peaceful event” and as a “demonstration for peace in Gaza”.
It’s in this latest article that Dr.Gerstenfeld gives an honorable mention of the Tundra Tabloids, of which the TT is greatly honored, as well as being pleased to see him correct the Norwegians once again. It’s seems that the Norwegians appear well suited to “dishing out criticism, factually challenged or otherwise, but ill suited however, to receive any form of criticism in kind”. How typical. KGS

Sir, – “Norwegian Jews tell of ‘troubles,’ but tolerance in Norwegian society” (March 31) had a statement from a spokeswoman of the Norwegian Socialist Left Part in which she referred to an event in Oslo attended by Finance Minister and party leader Kristin Halvorsen as a “demonstration for peace in Gaza.” She added that it included appeals for interreligious peace and called upon Israel to stop the war in Gaza.

On April 2, you ran a letter from the Norwegian ambassador on the sme subject, in which he said that “the minister took part in a manifestation for ceasing of hostilities in Gaza. It lasted for about an hour and was a dignified and peaceful event.”

By then Tundra Tabloids, a Finnish blog in English, had already printed a picture of Halvorsen at this demonstration. So had the Norwegian business paper Dagens Naeringsliv, followed later by the third largest daily, Dagbladet.

In that picture, Halvorsen is seen smiling while very close to her someone holds a sign reading: “The greatest axis of evil – USA and Israel.” The event had been announced as a demonstration for peace, but in fact there were many attacks on Israel.

Manfred Gerstenfeld

More here about the Halvorsen incident

UPDATE: It’s even more worse than thought, Gerstenfeld informs us that: “Since then I have found out from an old article in Vart Land that the reality was even much worse than I had described it. There were indeed shouts of “Death to the Jews” and Rabbi Melchior and the chair of the Norwegian Jewish community Anne Sender left the so-called peace demonstration because of its one-sidedness against Israel.”
Jewish community Chairman Anne Sender and Rabbi Melchior:We had to leave the demo, it was that bad
According to the Vårt Land report: “They heard demonstrators screaming “slaughter Israel, kill Jews, go and take them. Fucking Jew, go away” shouted some to Melchior, who wears a kippa.”

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