IRA’s Gerry Adams Pimps For Hamas in Northern Gaza…….

Anti-Israel scum bags speak the same language

Gerry Adams: It’s not just our affection for the color of green that binds us,
but also our shared deep-seated anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel As far as the Tundra Tabloids is concerned, Sinn Fein is one the least credible voices out there to talk about peace. They would be better off minding their own business, than pretending that they actually know something about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They haven’t even a clue as to how they have been used over the years, as useful “dhimmi” stooges for the international jihad against the West.The organization may have renounced terrorism, but they have been directly involved in the aiding and abetting of Palestinian terrorism against Jews. They’re also a bunch of anti-Semites and jihadi loving imbeciles as well, with their chief imbecile, Gerry Adams leading the pack. KGS

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