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Islamic Pedophilia in Finland: Imam Wed Juvenile to 20Yr Old Man, Says State Gave Permission……..

Imam Chehab Khodr walking in the way of his prophet
Says “hundreds of under age Islamic marriages preformed in Finland”

Chehab Khodr: One set of laws for infidels, and one set of laws for us Muslims


What better reason is there for saying no to Sharia? It’s an illusion to think that Islamic communities can manage their own affairs and keep within the guidelines of Western law, it simply won’t work, women and children will become victimized with the approval of the state.Chehab Khodar is one of the Imams who services the needs of Finland’s immigrant Islamic community, and was one of the more vocal leaders in the Islamic community who demanded that the Finnish government prevent the publication of the dreaded Mohamed cartoons in the Finnish media. Apparently he’s more upset over pictures of his dead prophet than the thought of marrying a juvenile to an older man.




This incident couldn’t have come to light at a better time, with Helsinki city councilman Jussi Halla-aho being charged with blasphemy against Islam for calling Mohamed a pedophile, and Islam a religion of pedophilia. What better example is there that Islam allows pedophilia due to following their prophet Mohamed as a role model for this day and age? Mo married a six year old and then had sex with her (raped her) when she was nine.But the most sensational part of the story, outside of the actual nuptials between the child and man here in Helsinki, is the fact that Khodr claims that the Finnish Justice Ministry gave him permission to do so, something the FJM says it has no record of. The question now remains as to whether charges will be made against the Imam for officiating the marriage of a juvenile girl to an adult male, and whether it will influence the state’s prosecution against the city councilman?


H/T: Kumtitonttu & Vasarahammer


An Imam has wed a 14yr old in marriage


According to Imam Chehab Khodr, a 13 yr old is a good age to get married. He sees no difference in dating and getting married.
According to the Finnish Islamic Council’s Imam, Chehab Khodr, the Justice Ministry gave permission for the 14 yr old girl to be wed in 1996. The groom was then 20yrs of age.
Khodr himself officiated the marriage in Helsinki.
No record of the document giving special permission was found in the Justice Ministry’s archives. Imam Khodr said he kept the marriage strictly within the guidelines of Finnish law.
According to him, we have hundreds of unofficial marriages done according to Islamic law. Islam researcher, Sylvia Akar compares the unions with Finnish marriages.
– In Islam there must be some form of union, so that you can live together, Akar says.
Khodr does not condemn marriages which are according to Islamic law, even though some of the wives are clearly under 18 yrs of age. Khodr says he doesn’t understand the differences between those who start dating and being wed.
– Why can’t 13 be a good age to be married at? According to the law here, is permissible at such an age to have sex. It’s better to get married, says Khodr.
Being married as an 11yr oldThe discussion about under age marriages in conjunction with Islam has become a present day issue, as True Finns city councilman, Jussi Halla-aho was charged with breaching the sanctity of religion (same as blasphemy) for claiming that Islam reveres pedophilia as a religion. According to Khodr, marriage can begin as an 11yr old, if secular law permits it. He emphasizes that in Finland you act according to Finnish law.
Children are under protection until the age of 16. Children under that age are under special protection against sexual child abuse. Under some circumstance, children are under protection up until the age of 18.
Child brides in the West are increasing. Khodr isn’t flustered. He says, that being involved with children, outside of marriage, is in Islamic countries is punishable offense, even by death.
– It’s a Western problem, not ours. In Islamic states, getting involved with the underaged (children) doesn’t happen like in the rest of the world, he says.
According to him, very rarely is a wife under the age of 18.
No talk of pedophilia.
In the Muslim world, incidents involving children are hardly seen in court nor is there talk of it in public, Akar states.
– I don’t know of one case in which the matter was brought up. I’m, not saying that pedophilia hasn’t happened, but perhaps there has been a closing of the eyes to it. Sexuality is confined to a marriage between a man and a woman in a heterosexual marriage, says Akar.
Child marriages are an extremely problematic issue in the Islamic world, where many interpret the holy books to the letter.
– It’s in vain to deny it. It’s a question of how far a religious leader uses his own common sense, and in what sense he repeats things like a parrot.


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