Johan Bäckman Lying Bastards

It’s Official: Finnish Academic Johan Bäckman is a LIAR…..!


This poor excuse of a Finnish academic has as much credibility as a failed savings and loan.

And he’s for sharia law!

This is such a story in itself, that I decided to post an individual post on this creep, Johan Bäckman. The Helsinki academic has such a very big pro-Russian axe to grind with the Estonian state, and he’ll use every trick in the book to gather support for his cause, even if it means kibitzing with Muslim supporters of sharia law, tangoing with Fascist anti-Fascists and Islamic fundamentalists and lying to a director of the Simon Weisenthal Center in Jerusalem about a book written by a couple of ethnic Estonian Finns, and then lying again to the Finnish public that Dr. Efraim Zuroff gave his support to his pathetic demonstration.

That’s what Helsinki University academic, Johan Bäckman did, and that makes him a bald faced liar. The Tundra Tabloids sure hopes that this information damages his chances in getting elected to the European Union parliament. KGS

UPDATE: joint cooperation between loons

Finnish Islamic Party demonstrating with the Russian Nashi Fascist anti-Fascists

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