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Truth is the new racism and bigotry

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The Finnish Islamic Council, or SINE, has come out with an article on its website, that takes up the subject of the “Meshugga prophet“, the fear of his ideology and of his followers that follow the Islamic creed to the letter. Here is a portion of the text:
The Prophet Mohammed and Islamophobia
In various Internet forums and elsewhere, allegations have appeared that have been offensive to Muslims about the prophet Muhammed, which meet the criteria of Islamophobia. In today’s world, it’s not irrelevant what is said on a public channel about a people, because at worst, Islamophobia foments people against both ethnic groups and Muslims In addition, we’ve put together a brief compilation of the Prophet’s life.
What do you mean by Islamophobes?
Wikipedia defines Islamophobia as a new word, which refers to hatred or prejudice of Muslims or Islam. Islamophobia is also anti-Arab racism, even though the Arabs are a Muslim minority.
Islamophobia is a form of racism, in which Islam, its culture and history is considered less worthy than the Western culture. The American journalist Stephen Schwartz has defined Islamophobia as condemning Islam and its history as fanatical, denying that a moderate Muslim majority exists, viewing Islam as the problem for the world, conflicts, in which Muslims are involved, are seen as their own fault, that Muslims change their religion, and incitement to war against Islam as a whole.[1]
Briefly about the prophet Muhammad
The Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him, as Muslims will increase when we talk about him – is beloved to Muslims as an example of the lifestyle within the Koran. The Prophet’s humility, goodness, and other values will guide the Muslims ethics. The Prophet, namely, as he taught the Muslims: to curb anger, to be forgiving, generous, compassionate, patient, honest, fair, humble, tolerant and courageous.
Insults of the Prophet offends Muslims. Muslims can be criticized, but anything considered sacred should never be insulted. [2] What is holy to Muslims are God, His word the Qur’an and the mediator of His word, the Prophet Muhammed. The other prophets are holy as well. Insulting the sacred is intolerance incivility at its worst. On what can a humane culture be built, if the sacred is not left free from insult?
Prophet’s marriage – Islam’s early marriage to
Then he was married to Aisha. Aisha was the Prophet’s friend, Abu Bakri’s daughter. They were married when Aisha was nine, but Aisha remained at home, with her parents for three years of the marriage, and was consumated when Aisha was 12-year-old. Then she moved to the Prophet’s house. Also the most important reason for their union was love. [3]
We can not assess the past, only the current standards. At that time, it was normal to marry at the age which is now underage-or teen-age. Even Christians and Jews acted in the same way. Up until the beginning of the 1900’s Finland, a woman’s marital age was 15 years. The age for maturity to wed is according to the environment, geography, the individual and times.
Prophet Muhammad’s example can be found in both mononamous marriage with Khadija – and polygamy. At that time there were a lot of wars and in wars in more men died than women. The Prophet showed an example by marrying the surviving spouse and the divorced and taking care of her children. Many women did not have at that time no other choice than the marriage itself and caring for children. The Prophet, married for reason of statutes and alliances, and one of his wives was an old widow. [4]

It’s not Islamophobia when they are trying to Islamize you or kill you.
Commenting only on the blue highlighted portions will be enough to debunk the entire line of thinking offered by this Finnish Islamic organization. For anyone reading the above without a clue as to what the SINE is talking about, it appears as a rather organized plea against supposed unjust claims and accusations, as well as a justification for their present day practices.1.) Islamophobia is a word concocted by apologists for Islam who seek to protect their ideology from criticism or ridicule, under the guise of being a distinct ethnic or national group. Islam is neither. The reason people are connecting Islam with violence, is due purely to the actions of the followers of Islam themselves. What’s also noteworthy is the dreadful lack of sincere concern by this Finnish Islamic organization, for the hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world who deem Mohamed the perfect man, and follow his 7th century code of conduct, which means child brides, polygamy and wife beating in the present modern age.2.) Insulting religion insults its followers. So what? What these religionists are actually saying, is that they are free to insult, condemn, imprison all those who they disagree with, but their own sensibilities are off limits. In other words, non-Muslims must suck it up when it’s the followers of Mo calling them infidels, Kafirs, whores and apostates etc., but suffer the poor Muslim lest his or her feelings get hurt, let alone Mo’s.3.) Aisha was nine. This happens to be potentially one of the more damaging human qualities of Islam’s prophet, hence the need for the SINE organization to lie outright, that Aisha was twelve years old when she finally had sexual relations with Mohamed. In fact, she was nine years old when he forced himself upon her. The claim that the main reason was for love between the two is as disgusting of a claim, as it is a very sick and lame joke.4.) The Prophet of Islam’s character. What’s not important, at least anymore, is what Mohamed did back in the 7th century, what’s done is done. But what is relevant in this day and age, is the fact that Muslims deem his character and deeds and lifestyle as the supreme example for human character, and to be imitated. What the editors of this website do not want the Finnish public to know, is the fact that pre-pubescent girls are being forced against their will to be married to adult males, with a few having made the international news in the past few years, for either wanting a divorce or refuge from an abusive ‘spouse’.The Finnish Islamic Coincil is the umbrella organization for all of Finland’s Islamic groups, and is chaired by Anas Hajjar, who was one of the individuals first questioned by the Finnish media about the founding of Finland’ first ever Finnish Islamic Party, headed by Finnish convert, Abdullah Tammi.Back then, Hajjar was against the agenda of the FIP, solely because the timing was not right, not that he had anything against sharia per say, or the increasing of Muslim clout in the Finnish state. Now was not the time for such a thing. Also of interest, is the inclusion of Mustafa Kara as a board member of the FIC, who stated on the Finnish TV that, (About sharia in Britain) “of course the Muslim community (in Britain) are rather large, they have lived there for tens of years, they are considered British subjects, they are in parliament, they can therefor demand it, allows them that right.”Who are these people trying to kid? The more they open their mouths, the more they expose their desire to change our Finnish society, and yet they claim the ones being victimized, solely because their highly offensive ideology is under intense scrutiny by us non-Muslims. But there’s more.This week’s Lutheran Church national newspaper, Kotimaa, reports that the SINE, yes, the very same Finnish Islamic Council now wants premission from the state to start their very own radio station. They want to provide programming not only to their own community, but for interested non-Muslims as well. So now we can expect an increasingly motivated Islamic community to gain permission to blast the Finnish air waves with messages of intolerance towards the infidel, while at the same time promote their supposed victimhood by the non-Muslim. Yep, that’s how it’s going to turn out, and the multicultural dough-heads are going to let it happen, while trying to silence those of us who refuse to stand by and watch Finnish society go the way of the Dodo bird. Finnish society now stands at the cross roads of its existence, not from the tradtional threat of Swedish or Russian cultural imperialism, but from Islam. KGS

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