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Danish White Power Group Congregates in Churchyard……?

A TT reader sent in the following picture. Either these 11 cute flower-wielding 8-10 year olds are closet WP’ers, or Charles Johnson is simply dead wrong about the Celtic Cross. Question of the day: Which is it?

Beware Chuck, the smiles of the innocent just might be hiding dangerous, insidious thoughts! KGS

The translation of the Danish church magazine:

Local Church News
Issue 2 March-April-May 2009

Life in the churchyard
Pages 4-6

4 Responses

  1. That Danish church is a hotbed of neo-Nazis and should be shut down.

    How long will the good citizens of Aarhus put up with this travesty?

  2. Charles Johnson will find a way to make this about neo-Nazis. Just you wait.

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