Two Hour Immigration Debate on Finnish TV…….

Tonight’s the night immigration is going to be discussed in Finland in a special two hour program on YLE 2 . Some very interesting guests are lined up to take part in the immigration debate to discuss what kind of immigration policy is best suited for Finland.

Here’s a fine example of what’s in store for tonight. Freddy Van Wonterghem is a Belgian, Flaam who’s lived in Finland for a number of years, and as a Perussuomalainen (True Finns) city councilman, is warning Finns not to go down the same beaten path as other European states have.PerusSuomalainen 10/2008: – “For thirty five years I have sadly followed what’s been happening in Belgium. For example, in my home town of Antwerp, you hardly meet any Belgians on the street, it’s like North Africa. There are riots and sections of the city where not even the police dare to go. The background for all of this is a slack immigration policy, which is presently being practiced in Finland.”With salient voices like Van Wonterghem and Iivi Anna Masso, the evening debate promises to be a very lively event. Finland is on the threshold of impaling itself on the same multicultural spear that has stabbed much of Europe. There is to be a vote in Parliament this Friday to decide if Finnish immigration policies should be more in tune with the rest of Europe. Hopefully a strong showing in tonight’s debate will help decide many of the politicians to vote NO on the measure. KGS

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