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Norway: Two Postal Workers Contract Strange Symptoms Handling Mail Sent to Israeli Embassy…….

The Tundra Tabloids received this late last night from TT reader, Harri. The story was published online at the Finnish tabloid paper, Ilta Lehti. KGS

According to the IL:

“Two of Norway’s postal workers were sent to the hospital after handling letters addressed to the Israeli embassy. Officials described the workers’ symptoms as a burning itching on the hands and eyes. The incident happened on Friday in Oslo. The workers were taken to a special ward, where they were still were on Saturday. According to officials the workers are fine, but they are being quarantined until the cause of the symptoms are determined. The investigation’s finding are believed to be ready by Monday or Tuesday. Officials suspect that the letters were coated with some kind of chemical. Anthrax is not suspected, because the workers became ill soon after handling the letters.”

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