News Sweep…….

A round up of all the recent stories related to the Geert Wilders Ban from the UK, and the viewing of the movie Fitna in the House of Lords. KGS

Lords taking liberties? New Statesman, UK

Geert Wilders to sue Jacqui Smith over decision to deport …Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom

Banned politician Geert Wilders brands Gordon Brown a cowardTelegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom

A Chamberlain MomentFrontPage magazine.com, CA

World Agenda: Geert Wilders allowed to escape scrutiny Times Online, UK

Geert Wilders, freedom of speech and its enemiesTelegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom

Dutch MP slams ‘coward’ Brown TeleText, UK

‘Everyone went on the Wilders circus’ DutchNews.nl, Netherlands

Few attend UK screening of Wilders’ film Radio Netherlands, Netherlands

Papers criticise ban on Dutch MPBBC News, UK

‘Anti-Islamic’ film is shown in Lords after Dutch MP deported Scotsman, United Kingdom

BBC interview of Wilders while in Heathrow airport

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