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Diagnosing the Gaza War…….

Harvard law school professor, Alan Desrshowitz is interviewed by Jamie Glazov concerning the Gaza War, Hamas’ real objectives, Israeli military measures in repsonse to them and the West’s overall reaction.
The interview also touches on the peace process, something of which the Tundra Tabloids has been very clear, no to a Palestinian state, let Jordan and Egypt incorporate portions of the WB and all of Gaza. Dershowitz still holds on to the dream of a two state solution.
FP: What were the key issues on your mind during the Gaza war?
Dershowitz: Hamas figured out how to win a media victory by sacrificing its own civilians. It was committing a double war crime by targeting Israeli civilians from behind Palestinian human shields. This despicable and unlawful tactic could never have succeeded without the complicity of the United Nations, many in the European community, the hard left and much of the media.
FP: What was Hamas’s goal in the war?
Dershowitz: The goal of Hamas was to produce as many dead Palestinian women and children as possible and to have the media show these victims uncritically and without asking who was to blame. So there were many villains to this piece and yet Israel, which was acting entirely lawfully and in self-defense, bore the brunt of international criticism. This only encouraged Hamas, Hezbollah and Israel’s other enemies to repeat this tactic over and over again, because for the terrorists, it’s a win-win situation and for democracies, it’s a lose-lose situation.
FP: No other nation in history has dealt as humanely, and with such compassion, in its fight against terrorism as Israel. And yet, as you point out, it bears the brunt of international criticism. Why? What explains this phenomenon?
Dershowitz: There are several explanations. First is that the Hamas tactic of inducing Israel to kill Palestinian civilians by using them as human shields works at least on some people. But there are deeper factors at work. Many people, especially in Europe, look for excuses to hate Israel. They love to hate the Jewish state. Part of the reason is the close relationship between Israel and the United States. Part of the reason is that Israel is the Jew among nations and anti-Semites respond to the Jewish nation in the same way that they respond to the Jewish people. Finally, many young people are subjected to constant propaganda by their teachers, many of whom come from the hard left.
FP: Iran and Hezbollah decided to sit this war out. How come in your view?
Dershowitz: Because they can win without lifting a finger. They supply the rockets to Hamas. They complain loudly. They rattle a few swords and they sit back and laugh at how easily the media is manipulated in the service of terrorism.
FP: The media is easily manipulated in the service of terrorism because it is controlled by liberal elites — who are biased against the U.S. and Israel. Right?
Dershowitz: I don’t agree with that statement. I think that even neutral journalists are impacted by the Hamas strategy. It is extraordinarily effective because it works on emotion and not reason. More here.

UPDATE: Pamela at Atlas: US study: IDF didn’t violate rules of war….. as is

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