The Islamization of Britain Continues…….

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. In just a few short decades, the emblem of British pride has gone:
From this
The Sheik describes the huge pit that Britain has dug for itself:
“It would be unthinkable for any Islamic nation to adapt its official uniforms to allow Christian or any other religious artefacts to be incorporated into its emblems. This sort of thing only happens to a nation which is being occupied and colonised by foreigners. This is the very definition of colonisation: the forcing of an alien and foreign way of life upon another people.”
What would have been once laughed at in the 40’s, 50’s as being utterly ridiculous as well as being totally impossible, is now a fact of life, and yet the “experts” tell us not to worry and to look at the positive attributes these hooded wonders will contribute to the future of Western society. Complete madness.
But not all think it’s madness. This Islamic site is ecstatically grateful that the British are keeping the pace towards their full Islamification, by being even more accommodating towards Islam than the Muslim world itself. These dutiful British dhimmis appear hell bent on pleasing their soon to be Muslim masters regardless of the price they’ll pay afterwards when the Islamization is complete. Madness! KGS

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