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Cross Dresser in Dubai Gets Pinched by the Police…….

J’lem Post: An Indian national working in Dubai as an administrator with a property development company has been sentenced to a six-month suspended jail term and fined $2,722 for cross-dressing and wearing mascara in public, the Dubai newspaper Gulf News reported.

According to the paper, the man was arrested by a police officer in civilian clothes in the Mall of the Emirates in what the police described as a glittering outfit, a bra, mascara, women’s perfume and a wig.

The defendant claims he was cross-dressing as part of his preparation for a small part in an upcoming Bollywood movie, when he received an urgent phone call. He also disputes claims that he tried to bribe the police officer who arrested him, arguing that he simply offered to pay the fine on the spot.

It’s a fact. If this would have happened in Israel (don’t worry it won’t, Israel protects its minorities) there would be people screaming in the streets about Israel being a human rights violater. Dubai discriminates against its minorities and the world yawns. KGS

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  1. Is this the same Israel that for the last 60 plus years has been committing genocide on the Palestinians? Who just last Xmas killed thousands and thousands men women and children.

    Yes they(Israel)do "protect minorities" and will cry for crossdressers, homosexuals,and the pervert's rights. Because they push anti-family perversion and confusionon the world.

    Hollywierd is their primary weapon to transmogrify the unsuspecting sheep into(Golem)Goyim SLAVES!

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