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Al-Jazeera Interviewer Draws Attention to Palestinian Media Being a Part of the Conflict…….

The Tundra Tabloids finds verification of anti-Israel bias in the least likely of places, Al-Jazeera! Wow what a gaffe! Did the Al-Jizz interview lead to the producer pulling out his beard? I mean, how could she be so careless, everyone in the news business knows you’re not to talk about the local Pali media being an armed (the pen) wing in the conflict with Israel!

During an interview with Sharif Hikmat Nashashibi, chairman of Arab Media Watch, an Al-Jazeera interviewer makes a startling statement concerning the Gaza War that underlines what those of us know, and have been saying all along, that the Palestinian journalists who supply the international media with news stories, especially the wire services, are in fact biased sources and a part of the conflict.

At the 1.24 minute mark, the interviewer make the following remark:

Do you think that Israel’s ban could actually be benefiting Hamas, perversely, because the journalists in Gaza being used by the international media tend to be Palestinians, they tend to be people who have lived through all of this before. Naturally they are going to have a certain point of view because they are emotionally attached to the story, whereas a foreign correspondent coming in from the outside world may maybe more detached when it comes to reporting it?

Heh…you think? KGS

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