Media Watch: The Warped Anti-Israel Views of Finnish YLE’s Kirsi Virtanen…….

In one of the worst examples of media inspired propaganda, Finnish free lance journalist, Kirsi Virtanen propagandizes for the Hamas in a 38 min program on a Finnish YLE radio program that went under the title of Palestiina.
Kirsi Virtanen’s radio program started off by adding a few caveats against the charges of anti-Israel bias and being pro-terrorists, that might arise due to her 38 minute exercise in verbal masturbation. The whole idea behind her program though, was to both seduce and excite the audience into believing the absolute worst about Israel, while eliciting a strong sense of victim hood for the poor Hamas.
Virtanen claimed she was just wanting to show what the “Palestinians” have experienced since Israel was established in 1948, so she asks the listener to pretend that they are a family figurehead who owns a house and everything needed by the owner to maintain that house is accessible only through area where “the neighbor’s house” is situated. “The neighbor” (Israel) is depicted as refusing the Arab everything that he needs to survive leading to frustration, which ends up with a rock being smashed into the neighbors home.”
That is how the radio program begins, depicting the hapless Arabs as being the victims of Israeli aggression, as if everything happens within a bubble, the Israelis aren’t responding to anything, like terrorism, no, they’re just trying to make the Arabs’ lives a living hell because they have nothing else better to do. Get real.
But don’t kid yourself, this kind of programming at YLE isn’t an anomaly, a freakish departure from a more rational, reasonable reporting on the Israeli-Arab conflict. No, on the contrary, it’s a natural progression, a step into a more radicalization of the Finnish media vis-a-vis the Jewish state. Kirsi Virtanen is just another classic example of the brainwashing done by the Finnish academy, which pumps out similar drones year after year. KGS
How appropriate:

NOTE: Video via Jihad Watch

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