Sweden: Rosengård ‘Growing More Radical’…….

It doesn’t matter how much money is thrown at the problem, these Islamic fundamentalists want to live off the Swedish teat, while keeping their insulated enlcave unto themselves.
For all practical purposes, the city of Rosengård ceased being Swedish ages ago, and has become a part of the dar al-Islam, or the house of Islam….it’s lost territory until the Swedes begin to take it back under their control.
A majority of Rosengård’s inhabitants believe the troubled Malmö suburb has undergone a radicalization over the past five years, a new study shows. Experts believe the city council needs to be allocated greater financial resources if it is to get to grips with the rise of political and religious extremism.
Researchers Magnus Ranstorp and Josefine Dos Santos from the Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies at the Swedish National Defence College were tasked by the government with examining the effects of preventive measures taken in Sweden against violent extremism and radicalization. More here.
The Dagen reports that there are thought police roaming the city; “The presence of fundamentalist groups in Rosengård that advocates child marriages, harassing women not wearing the veil and encourages young people to isolate themselves from society is completely unacceptable. Swedish laws, rights and equality to all, including residents of Rosengard.”

More here as well.The radicalization of Rosengård is the natural logical step in the process of Islamization. The more an area experiences increased Muslim immigration, the more likely that that area will begin to experience a more aggressive push to become more Islamic in outward appearances. Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo is an expert on the subject. Time for people to wake up before areas in Europe become lost to the West, and become staging grounds for further conquest for Islam. KGSH/T: Freethinker2308

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