Anti-Israel Protests Malmö Police Wimps Pro-Israel Sweden

Update on Malmö Pro-Israel Rally…….

Video by Ted Ekeroth of peaceful pro-Israel rally being attacked by counter demonstrators who threw bottles, eggs and fireworks. The police end up breaking up the peaceful rally because they lacked the stones to confront the baying mob across the street. There is a verbal exchange between Ted Ekeroth and a policeman later on in the video.

From Ted Ekeroth’s blogpost:

the first 1 min and 35 sec is from our peaceful manifestation.

At 1.35 we see the arabs behaviour.

At 3.02 you can see one of the stones that was thrown.

At 3.10 you can see eggs being thrown.

At 3.20 you can see the broken bottle they threw.

At 3.30 you can see the fireworks they threw at us.

At 4.18 you can see the police reaction – instead of removing the attacking arab mob, they removed us!

At 4.38 I’m asking the police chief about the police no-reaction. See the subtitles at about 4.50 seconds in. After the clip ends, we are being moved out by the police. We, who have a permit for being there and are not violent gets away.

This is how it is, like in the 30’s when Hitler’s thugs roamed the streets doing what they will because police authorities were scared sh*tless of them. The Swedish police abdicated their roles of being the defenders of the populace, and allowed thugs to become more emboldened the next time around, because the police proved themselves to be wimps. A truly disgusting display of shirking one’s duty. KGS

UPDATE: A Swedish colleague includes some background to the city of Malmö, it might help to explain why the city’s police are not that sympathetic to pro-Israel supporters.

Swede:You also have to remember that back in the 1940s, it was in Malmö that the general population was busy learning German and waved the swastika at the german troop trains as they made their way to occupied Norway. The colours never truly fade, it would appear. No immigrants in Malmö then, we’re talking about the police. Native-born Swedes in southern Sweden were immensely pro-Nazi. This would be their children/grandchildren, I guess.

UPDATE: Al Avai mentions that a source of his stated the following about the Malmö Police’s decision to break up the rally:

Yes, this is the next scandal. I have just pointed out for Dagens Nyheter, who had all of three lines of text about it, that the police, not the pro-Israeli demonstrators, decided to dissolve the demonstration. The rule of law my ass, this is Sweden.

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  1. Do we need the same to Finland??? It seems that more violent you are, more rights you get.

  2. this is going on all over, there is mass hysteria, it is insane. i hope all these people suddenly drop dead of a heart attack while chanting hitler…A tired Jew of all the bull$hit against our people and our land!

  3. Hi an other anonymous. I am sorry that I cannot stop this grazyness in Europe. What we saw in Malmö, should be reacted strongly. Those who move to Europe should understand that this is area, where all peacefull people have right to exist, jews included. Those who want to rule with violence and chaos, should be thrown out. We dont need more Malmös in Europe.

  4. The more good people speak out the better it will be in the long run. Write to your politicians, the next time you see one in the streets campaigning, tug his sleeve and speak your mind.

  5. crazy.

    here is a documentary that reveals the al-durah thing as propaganda. it was a lie that helped and helps people to fight against israel and “the jews” all over the world. it was an example of how to create hate against israel…

    to reveal those lies is one way to “speak out”. the more we reveal lies or spread the revealing of lies “the better it will be in the long run.”

    greetings and
    keep fighting!

  6. Correct. Keep fighting the madness is the only sane thing to do. Tks Anon

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