Finnish YLE Correspondent Hearts Hamas Again…….

The woman is shameless. This is the person who keeps the Finnish public purposefully ignorant of much of what is happening inside Gaza. Hamas stockpiles fuel, food and medicine for itself why the average Arab in Gaza has to make do with less, and Negus blames Israel’s blockade.

Sanna Negus can’t even bring herself to mention to her readers that Egypt is in sole control of the Rafah border, she simply mentions in her article on the Rafah tunnels:

YLE: “Israel claims weapons are being smuggled into Gaza via the tunnels, but the tunnels also brings the majority of Gaza’s goods.”

Right, “Israel claims weapons are being smuggled in” but Negus takes it at face value that they would starve without the tunnels. What about all that food being shipped in day by day? The Hamas and other Islamonazi groups are robbing the people blind, but activist journalists like Sanna Negus can’t ever seem to find the time to do an exhaustive report on that.

Both Israel and the United States have called for Egypt to invest more in prevention of smuggling. But if the Rafah border is not open, nor the Israeli side, to bring supplies into Gaza, smuggling is the only way to keep people alive. Because of the blockade, almost all food products imported into the tunnels along.
It may sound like a small point, but the ramifications are tremendous, because it keeps people ignorant of the fact that Egypt is maintaining a blockade of Gaza as well. It smashes to bits the meme that Israel is in complete control of the Gaza Strip, it’s not, Egypt views the Gaza Muslim Brotherhood (Hamas) as a dangerous entity as do the Israelis. Negus apparently just doesn’t want the Finns to recognize that truth. KGS

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