New Website Sprouts in Support of Geert Wilders as LGF Throws Him Under the Bus…….

Charles Johnson joins the “other side” in kicking a true freedom fighter when he’s down. Now how sick is that?

Geert Wilders, a man defending the West’s superior civilization, now joins the rest of us in the Nasty Outer Darkness. Actually it’s a great place to be, because you know who your real friends are and what you are all fighting for. KGSAlso: A commentor xanthippaschamberpot informed the TT that a new website is up and running called “DEFEND GEERT WILDERS“. The TT highly recommends visiting it and linking to it, to keep up on all the latest news concerning Geert. Go here to contribute to the fund to help Geert Wilders defend himself against the ridiculous charges that are being filed against him by the Dutch state. The commentor xanthippaschamberpot, also states the following to the TT:Thanks for digging up the info on the EU Embassies – I hope a lot of people use it. When some of our journalists were up on ‘hate speech’ charges (Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant), the ‘Canadian Free Speech bloggers’ set up one site that tried to link to as much info about what was going on with the cases. We could all then get accurate info, easily, so we could work on raising the public awareness. It succeeded – now the Canadian government is making noises about may be doing something to change these laws.When this happened to Geert Wilders, one Canadian Blogger started a site which hopes to do in the Geert Wilders case what we did with the Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant ones. It is called ‘Defend Geert Wilders’. I just linked your post here with the list of Embassies. (defendgeertwilders.wordpress.com)If you get more info from your corner of the world about this, please, pass it on to this site. It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Defend Geert Wilders:

“This is a blog and a gathering place for all who are opposed to Geert Wilders’ prosecution under Dutch law, for the apparent crime of criticising Islam. The last time I checked, religion was not able to dictate the terms of an entire country’s speech – there is something incredibly dangerous in the precedent that this sets. Regardless of whether or not you agree with Geert’s criticisms of Islam, the issue is much larger than that. Blasphemy laws, and religious chills upon freedom of speech need to be put to an end.

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