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HRW’s Military Analyst Marc Garlasco is Outraged Over Israel’s Shelling of Hamas But Selected Thousands of Targets in Serbia and Iraq For Bombing….

Talk about hypocricy, Marc Garlasco is a poster child for deeply conflicted former Pentagon intelligence analysts trying to amend for (believed) past mistakes. The J’lem Post sets the pace with the following article concerning HRW’s claims about Israeli shelling tactics.

J’lem Post: A New York-based human rights group says the IDF’s artillery shelling into crowded Gaza areas should be considered indiscriminate attacks. Human Rights Watch said Friday Israel sometimes fires 155-milimeter artillery shells at gunmen, who often operate in crowded areas. A military analyst with the group, Marc Garlasco, said that the shells can kill people up to 150 meters away. Garlasco said that means they kill indiscriminately.
But wait, there is more about Marc Garlasco than meets the eye, over at the Gaurdian there is a bio of Marc Glarlasco which reads as follows:

Marc Garlasco is the senior military analyst at Human Rights Watch (HRW). As well as being HRW’s resident expert on battle damage assessment, military operations, and interrogations, Marc also leads HRW’s work on prisoner abuse, civilian military contractors, and non-lethal weapons.

Marc was in Lebanon during the 2006 war and did an exhaustive investigation into the use of cluster munitions there. Marc has been a regular on National Public Radio, in the United States, and has been featured on television news, including CNN, ABC, BBC, and others.

Before coming to HRW, Marc spent seven years in the Pentagon as a senior intelligence analyst covering Iraq. His last position there was chief of high-value targeting during the Iraq war in 2003. Marc was on the Operation Desert Fox (Iraq) Battle Damage Assessment team in 1998, led a Pentagon Battle Damage Assessment team to Kosovo in 1999, and recommended thousands of aimpoints on hundreds of targets during operations in Iraq and Serbia.

He also participated in over 50 interrogations as a subject matter expert. Marc has a BA in government from St John’s University, and an MA in international relations from the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University.

According to a Tundra Tabloid source, [His (Garlasco’s) studies (a MA) were totally academic, and he was never in the military. He knows nothing about battlefield forensics. So the work that he did on the “Gaza Beach Massacre” was a total fraud. Anyway, his work at the Pentagon was targeting Serbs (from his desk in Washington) selecting high value targets in Serbia during the attack on them during the 90s. He targeted thousands of points (a bomb or shell for each one) in Serbia and Iraq, and is probably responsible for the death of hundreds if not thousands of civilians.]
No doubt NATO forces believed then that they were operating in accordance with international law, and the historical record is clear that no one took NATO to task for any alleged war crimes. The same can be said of Israel, though unwanted mistakes do happen and innocent civilians are killed.
It’s the height of arrogance and hypocrisy for a man who was once in charge of picking out “high valued targets” in Serbia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and in Iraq, to be waving his finger in self righteous indignation at Israel which is fighting an enemy so barbaric that it purposefully places its own people in harms way.
But that’s what Marc Garlasco is doing, and in a very high profile way. It would be pure irony if a Serb were to file an international law suit against the guy, and bring to light all the NATO and US military missions he was responsible for that resulted in the deaths of civilians. If anyone can find the time to dig through this guys records and see what he was responsible for, the TT would be very appreciative. KGS

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  1. Lack of hypocrisy has never been a trait of Israel’s critics.

  2. Sounds to me like the guy ‘s falsely accusing Israel of doing what he feels he’s guilty of.

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