UN Building Damaged by Hamas Terrorists Firing on IDF Troops…….

Hamas commandeers a civilian building then fires on IDF troops, which then responds, the building is damaged or destroyed then the Arabs wail and moan and the international community issues its condemnation of Israel’s actions.
Finland had recently issued Israel a strongly worded condemnation of its own, for a clinic destroyed by the IDF, that was built and funded by the Finnish government, but was being used by Hamas to fire upon IDF troops.
The Tundra Tabloids truly regrets the building being hit, but it’s the fault of the Hamas, not the IDF. It’s the very same situation with the UN building, Hamas knew well that by using it for shelter to target IDF troops, it would bring damage and/or destruction to it. Oh well, no crocodile tears being shed here.
Gunshots and an anti-tank missile were fired at IDF troops near the UN compound that was attacked by the IDF on Thursday, senior defense official told The Jerusalem Post. Accordng to the officials, the IDF responded by firing artillery shells at the location of the gunmen and that the shells caused damage to the UN installations. At least three people were wounded and the building was set on fire.
The IDF’s Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration coordinated the arrival of five fire trucks to the compound to help put out the flames. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, in Israel Thursday to promote a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, expressed “strong protest and outrage” at the reported shelling of the UN compound.

Protest all you want Ki-moon, the Tundra Tabloids protests your silence on Hamas using its own people as human shields. KGS
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“In fact, under international law, Israel has the right to declare all-out war against the Hamas-controlled government of Gaza. In an all-out war, there would be no obligation to provide humanitarian assistance, electricity or any other services to an enemy who had started the war by an armed attack. “

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