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Living it up in Not Too Densely Populated and too Poor Gaza…….

And just think, had the Hamas managed to harness its urge to murdering Jews, and instead, devoted its efforts into improving the lives of the people instead of creating a culture of death, the fleecing of the international community could have continued indefinately, and all at the Western tax payers’ expense. KGS

And not to fear, the (then) not to bad off Palestinians wouldn’t have had to worry about living within one of the most densely populated areas in the world. For they don’t, According to Tundraman:

We keep hearing about Gaza being the most densely populated area on earth. This is a media lie.

It is part of a media attempt to portray and to dramatise the conflict between Israel and the Hamas terror regime as a humanitarian crisis on an unprecedented scale. This also is untrue.

I will be sending facts about the convoys that have delivered food, fuel, medicines, medical equipment, etc., as well as the huge amounts of funding received by Hamas
into the Gaza Strip, in another email.

Basically, these are media lies with an underlying motive to portray Israel is an unfavourable ( to put it mildly) light and to portray the Palestinians to be suffering for no better reason than an aggressive and brutal Israel. All media lies compounded
by their repeated use.

For now, please receive key facts relating to the population density of Gaza in relation to other areas of the world.

Compare Gaza (8666 people per square mile) with Monaco (41,608 people per square mile).

Compare Gaza (8666 people per square mile) with Cairo (82,893 people per square mile) !!

Clearly Gaza is not close to being the most densely populated area. These figures prove the media lie:

Area Population Density (persons/sq. mile)


District of Columbia



Hong Kong






(Sources – Statistical Abstract of the United States, 2004-2005, Tables 18 and 1321; Demographia — Population Density: Selected International Urban Areas and Components )

Via the Sheik and Red Alerts.

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