Denmark: You Tube Video Surfaces That claims Israelis Shot by a Palestinian in Danish Mall…….

The Tundra Tabloids reported on New Years Eve that two Israelis were shot by someone who was Middle-Eastern looking, and now it appears that the person(s) were Palestinians. KGS

H/T Henrik Clausen, who also did the entire ground work for the story. This is his vid and transcript.

NOTE: The transcript, is below the video clip.

From Danish television DR1 January 1st 2009.

English translation of the dialogue:And, as mentioned, the conflict had consequences here in Denmark, for it was likely politically motivated that a young man with Middle Eastern background yesterday [December 31st 2008] gunned down two Israelis in Rosengårdscentret in Odense, Denmark.Today [January 1st 2009] Rosengårdscenteret is empty, but yesterday this sales stand was the scene of a violent drama when an armed person suddenly shot and wounded two Israeli salesmen, then escaped in a black Audi. Today, the owner of the Audi turned himself to the police, and after an initial questioning, he was sent to a constitutional questioning, suspected of being the gunman from Rosengårdscentret. It is a man, residential here in Odense [possibly in the Vollsmose ghetto area], he is in his 20s’, 27 years to be exact, a citizen of Denmark but of Middle East origin. The police refuses to relate if the man is Palestinian, or if the shooting is connected to the current conflict in the Gaza strip. We are of course aware of what happens around us in the world and in Denmark, but we have no clear motivate for the shooting. In the Vollsmose quarter of Odense, on the other hand, several are telling openly that the shooting yesterday is directly connected to the conflict in Gaza, and that the shooter indeed is Palestinean.“I know the man. I know him really well.””The man who shot, I know the person. The one who shot is Palestinean.”From this it would seem that the conflict in Gaza has come to Denmark.”He is one of the first in Denmark to show a really, really large, giant, giant, giant … You should have seen yesterday, a great party we threw because of this. We really, really hope everyone will support him.””But, I can’t explain what he’s done in any way, I don’t agree with what happened in any way either, but somehow I do understand what happened. One out of several million Palestineans has to react.”In a statement, Danish Muslim Union sharply condemns the shootings Wednesday, and encourages citizens who feel powerless and frustrated over the sight of Israeli destruction and killing in Gaza to express their feelings in legal ways, such as demonstrations.

NOTE of Thanks to Debbie Schlussel for linking. THANKS 🙂

NOTE: It’s also good to remember that only Muslim rage is expressed in the streets of the West, never Jewish rage, though the latter have been at the recieving end of Muslim aggression for centuries.

UPDATE: via Gates of Vienna and Steen’s blog. A report from Danish TV2

Israeli victim of the Shooting in Denmark:

“They wanted to kill us. I don’t see any other reason. We are the only Jews and Israelis here.

He shot me the first time in the leg, then the second shot was aimed at me, but my friend threw a chair at him; that’s how he got his own shot in the hand, and he kept on shouting all over.”

The episode is the culmination of several months of harassment from a group of young Palestinians, says the Israeli owner of the stand where the two men worked. Among other things, the Israeli who was shot in the arm has been threatened with his life:

“He says: ‘You took my country, I will take your life’. And then he just went out. A bunch of people came shouting at us, yelling at us, cursing us, saying things in Arabic, saying thing like:

“F**k Israel, kill the Jews.”

His brother denies there is a political motive behind it: “It’s all lies. They know it. Everybody knows it. Everyone with a common sense can understand, that in the last few days during the thing in Gaza, if it’s not political, then what is it ?”

UPDATE: The GOV has included the following report from Steen: Anonymous Palestinian in the video: “You should have seen a huge party we held last night in Vollsmose. I do hope we all support him (the shooter).”
They, meaning “more Muslims and their supporters on the Left?” Then there is the Neo-Nazis, they have a common cause with the Islamofascists as well. KGS

UPDATE: The Baron at Gates of Vienna has the last vid by Henrik Clausen in which the two Israelis are interviewed in English.

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