Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Update…….

Straight from the MFA via the Helsinki Consulate. KGS

update 31.12.08 All reports indicate that there are sufficient supplies of medicine and food in Gaza. The Gaza crossings are open for the transfer of humanitarian aid from all international organizations, in full cooperation with the Israeli authorities and without restriction.

The proposals for a unilateral ceasefire are not acceptable because they provide no guarantee that Hamas will cease the rocket fire. The call for a “humanitarian ceasefire” is superfluous, as the crossings are open for the transfer of all humanitarian aid that arrives (see above).

Israel is aware of the various requests and proposals that have been put forward by various parties. Israel studies every proposal seriously and discusses them with anyone who so requests.

A halt to terror does not mean only a halt to the firing of Kassam rockets, but also a halt to arms smuggling and to the military buildup of Hamas.

It should be stressed that the Grad rockets fired last night and this morning at Beersheba struck a kindergarten and a school.

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