Schlussel: It’s Islam Stupid…….

Debbie Schlussel correctly stated in a recent post that : “Islam, NOT “instability,” is the cause of Islamic terrorism.” Debbie is of course 100% correct, the main cause for the Muslim world’s two pronged approach of violent and stealth Jihad to its infidel problem, …is in fact Islam.
The only reason why governmental officials -and those who feed them with analysis and information- consistently refuse to acknowledge the Islamic element (which is the prime motivating factor) to the violent terrorism being waged around the world, is that the very thought that it’s Islam itself to blame, is too frightening for them to even contemplate.
It’s much easier to believe in the fiction that “extremists have hijacked a peaceful religion” and the cure is more Islam to counter the Muslim extremists’ message and appeal”. It’s fanciful thinking, and something that the majority of Muslims are willing to play along with, because it advances the overall agenda of Islam. World domination.
What the West refuses to believe or even to recognize, is that violent terrorism and the Islamization of the West are just two different movements within the same Jihad, and Debbie Schlussel is one of those salient voices that recognizes that and indeed “gets it”.
Robert Spencer shows once more how easily the West is fooled, by Muslims:

Doing a little light reading today, I came across this:“The truth is that Western civilization is rotten through and through and only continues because of the absence of its rightful heirs, namely the Muslims, who have themselves forgotten their deen [religion] and failed to take their divinely appointed task of re-establishing Allah’s guidance for the whole of mankind.” — Muhammad al-Ghazali, Journey Through the Qur’an: The Content and Context of the Suras, Dar al-Taqwa, 1998, p. 47.”Who was Muhammad al-Ghazali? Why, he was one of those scholars who was working “so hard to bring Islam into the contemporary world.” So says the celebrated Islamic reformist Khaleel Mohammed of San Diego State University:”I find it difficult that Mr. Spencer should seek to devalue the work of those who work so hard to bring Islam into the contemporary world….But even so, the scholars who share the opinion that I have on the issues that I raised are many — amongst them Fazlur Rahman, Muhammad al-Ghazali, Taha al-Alwani. I guess they are not authorities and need to be vetted by Mr. Spencer and his ilk?” — Khaleel Mohammed, “Spencer’s Errors,” FrontPageMag.com, May 10, 2005.Oh, no, Dr. Mohammed. Muhammad al-Ghazali doesn’t need to be vetted by me. You go right on citing him as a reformist, and I will go right on quoting him.” target=”_blank”

Once again a “moderate” Muslim is caught red handed defending Islamic purists who for the most part, believe in the very same kind of Islam that the “extemists” are spreading around the globe. Here’s a dilemma for those who refuse to link Islam with terrorism. ´ How can more Islam be the solution to the problem of terrorism that supposedly has nothing to do with Islam at all? KGS

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