Finland: YLE’s Palestinian Shill Sanna Negus Blames Israel For Christian Exodus From Bethlehem…….

Tis’ that time of year again, but for journalists like Sanna Negus who work the ME beat from Israel, Christmas time means finding the “right kind of story” that places Israel in the most negative light possible, to suit their own bigotry and biases towards the Jewish state, and not from any real concerns about the Palestinians themselves, or in this case, Palestinian Christians.
What’s that you say, how can the Tundra Tabloids be so sure that Sanna Negus isn’t really concerned for Palestinian Christians? The TT’s cynical attitude towards Sanna Negus stems from her complete lack of interest -during the rest of year- in reporting on the systematical discrimination and intimidation of the local Christian communities -something of which in her profession, is widely known- by Palestinian Islamic supremacists. In fact, the woman is silent about the whole issue of discrimination against Christian Arabs in the PA areas, except when it might involve Jews.
Jews are news

In yesterday’s news broadcast on YLE Radio 1, (here, beginning at the 8min. mark) Negus Reports from Beit Sahour, a town that is presently 80% Christian and 20% Muslim, one of the few remaining villages where Christians still outnumber Muslims, for the time being that is.According to Negus’ report, “Christian Arabs are upset about a nearby hill that was once under the jurisdiction of the IDF, being supposedly commandeered by neighboring Jewish settlers. If they succeed in claiming the hill, “Bethlehem will be corned on all four sides, making it a real ghetto. Since it’s situated in “area C”, they need Israel’s permission to build a local hospital and social center for which they have already secured the funding for.”

While portions of the story may or may not be true, the portion of the report that clearly contains Palestinian propaganda, is that “Christians are leaving Bethlehem due to Israel’s occupation“, which is of course completely false. Sanna Negus would have her listening audience believe that Israeli policies alone are responsible for driving Christian Arabs out of Bethlehem, but then fails to address the ever growing increase in the Muslim population in traditional Christian Bethlehem.
The listening audience is led to believe that, Israeli policies alone, are to blame for the Christian exodus from Bethlehem, though its actually due to the Islamization policies instituted by the supposedly “moderate” Fattah controlled P.A.. Professor Justus Reid Weiner from the JCPA, has detailed evidence on how Christian communities are being victimized by their fellow Arabs.
If Sanna Negus were to be suddenly interested in real discrimination and injustice happening inside the Palestinian areas, all she would have to do to is pick up the phone and give Prof. Justus Weiner a call. But will she? I think not. KGS
H/T: Vasarahammer

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