Anti-Islamization Counterjihad Facing Jihad Wilders

Facing Jihad Conference: Geert Wilders Interview on INN…….

This is just the beginning, the Counterjihad is getting some very impressive names behind it. Geert Wilders is one of the most visible of anti-Islamization voices presently in Europe, who in spite of being declared a “far-right winger” has a very modest approach to representative government within a liberal state that safeguards the rights of its minorities.

The label of “far-right” is of course something that most use to scare the uninformed with, and under the current system of political labeling, the founding fathers of the American Republic would be labeled as such, due to their deep grounded suspicion and loathing of a powerful central government. KGS

NOTE: Geert Wilders is considering an alliance with the Vlaams Belang, which of course will lead to his being banished into the “Nasty Outer Darkness”. Wilders of course could care less what a drastically downsized blog thinks of him.

Via: The Baron.

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