Israel to Release More Palestinian Prisoners…….

How many of those soon to be released will return to the path of jihad, will only be known for sure in a couple of years time, when the statistics come out. But make no mistake about it, every gesture offered by Israel is taken as a sign of weakness by the Arabs.

JERUSALEM– The Israeli cabinet on Sunday approved the release of 250 Palestinian prisoners as a goodwill gesture to Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas.
The move followed a pledge by acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert during talks with Abbas on November 17, their first such meeting in two months.
A senior Israeli official has said that none of the prisoners to be freed belongs to Palestinian groups such as Hamas. In a similar move in August, Israel freed 198 Palestinian prisoners. More than 11,000 Palestinians are still held in Israeli prisons.
We have seen catch and releases before, and it hasn’t brought the Arabs one centimeter closer in wanting to end their religious war with Israel. As long as the arabs have yet to give up on having all the real estate under the Jewish state, the war will go on. KGS

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