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Commandos Move on Islamic Terrorists Holding Israelis Hostage in Mumbai……!

UPDATE: Two British citizens of Pakistani origin behind the terrorist attcks in Mumbai! More here.
Remorseless. That is what the head of an elite Indian commando unit called the terrorists his men confronted at the Taj Hotel. But as of right now, reports are telling of elite commandos readying for a final assault on the Jewish Center that’s being held by Islamic terrorists.
MUMBAI (al-Reuters) – Indian commandos blew up the outer wall of a Jewish center in Mumbai as they carried out what looked like a final assault on Islamist militants believed to be holding at least six Israelis hostage. The building was cloaked with thick smoke after the blast, television pictures showed.
A short way across the city, frequent gunshots and explosions also rang out from the luxury Taj hotel as elite commandos fought cat-and-mouse battles with a lone gunmen. Officials have been vowing to bring a quick end to the nearly two-day-long stand-off that they say has killed 124 people and wounded 284.

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  1. I think that there was once a time when people who were from a certain country were loyal to that country. Not anymore. When countries begin to put their own people in the back burner in search of oil, power, etc. the leftist illuminati will rise up and take control. In the next four years, how socialist will our country become?

  2. Hi Corinne, I don’t quite follow you on this one, this is a clear case of Islamofascist terrorism, and most likely with al.Qaida ties.


  3. KGS, I agree that this incident does have Al Qaida ties. What I meant was that we have come into a time when a government can’t only look for an attack from the outside. As in the case of the london tube station bombings, the terrorists were British citizens. I hope that our new government, the illuminati lefties, will see that this is a real issue that will probably affect our country in the next four years.

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