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A Tundra Tabloids Exclusive, Diantha Harris Didn’t Seek Permission for Swedish Documentary Crew to Film Her Class……!

More on Diantha Harris, the story that refuses to end!

UPDATE: Finnish newpaper, IltaSanomat reports on the Tundra Tabloids scoop of the Diantha Harris story! Welcome to the Finnish readership, every last one of you! Kudos to Juha-Pekka Tikka for an excellent report. No surprise there. KGS
An anonymous source contacted the Tundra Tabloids and has revealed that the teacher, Diantha Harris, from the Mary McArthur Elementary School in Fayetteville, did not seek permission from school authorities, for the Swedish documentary film crew to film in her classroom.

Here is what the Tundra Tabloids’ source (a person close to the controversy) stated in an email:

“A good friend here who works for the school system and she has confirmed to me that Harris did not have permission to have the film crew in her class and that the students’ parents had not consented to their children being filmed. This has not been reported anywhere and the school system has not officially said this. My friend said that, in contrast, last year a video was made in the same school that was to be used to train teachers and would only be shown to teachers in the school.

In order to film students for that video every parent had to sign a consent form and a waiver to allow their childrens’ images to be recorded. That, according to my friend, was not done in this case and obviously this video is being seen by many more people. I think if Harris is fired, that, and not her inflicting her views on students, will probably be the reason why. It’s a total crock that Harris is saying that this is just sour grapes over the election.


I have heard from lots of teachers -many of whom voted for Obama – who are also shocked by what Harris did and who want to make sure that people know that most teachers do not conduct their classrooms in that way.

Diantha Harris could very well be fired for a number of gross violations, if anybody has more on Harris or on the situation as a whole, let the TT know in the comment section. KGS
NOTE: I wonder if Harris was paid for her troubles?
UPDATE: A poster adds the following: Ms. Harris was in clear violation of the Cumberland County School Board’s policy governing Political Activity: “Under no circumstances are assemblies, school classes, or students to be used in partisan political activities during the school day.”
No way around that fact.
NOTE: Here is a complete listing of the Diantha Harris story.
UPDATE: Parents of Cathy Moore, the child seen to be near tears in the Tundra Tabloids video of a Swedish documentary, rally around teacher Diantha Harris. It’s Stockholm Syndrome I tell you!
FayObserver: Parents of girl in YouTube video defend teacher
The Fayetteville teacher shown in a YouTube video questioning a fifth-grader’s support for John McCain has the backing of the girl’s parents, who say the comments were blown out of proportion.
The teacher, Diatha D. Harris, has come under fire for talking politics in class. In the video, which was filmed by a Swedish documentary crew, Harris tells the girl her soldier father could be in the military “for another hundred years” under a McCain presidency.

The parents of the girl, Cathy Thompson, denied Monday that she was traumatized by the classroom discussion. They also hope school officials investigating Harris’s conduct decide to keep the teacher on the job.
Over the weekend, Harris apologized to the girl’s parents, Army Staff Sgt. Robert Thompson and Angela Moore. She also apologized to their daughter and to the Cumberland County school system.

Moore said Harris has nothing to apologize for.
“She made a truth known,” Moore said Monday. “Our daughter knows what her dad does and is in support of her dad.”
Sgt. Thompson said he is angry, but not at Harris, whom he praised as a dedicated educator.

Whoever put that clip together, I am very upset with,” Thompson said on Fayetteville gospel radio station WIDU-AM. “I’m just sickened by the thought that somebody would take a minor child to exploit their views on a political situation, the way they have.”
It’s me, KGS that made the film clip, and guess what, I didn’t edit anything, it was straight footage from the documentary! Maybe Dad and Mom should be pissed off that their permission was not asked for the filming of their daughter in school?
Perhaps, they see something else in the film that the rest of the world doesn’t see, the caring side of a teacher that makes remarks to a child that causes the rest of the class to jeer, make mocking faces, and drive the little girl to bite her lips in a depserate moment, you know, with that film crew all hovering around her that you hadn’t a clue about till the TUNDRA TABLOIDS broke the story!
Talk about denial. Yeah, I have a feeling that the stupidity of the teacher in allowing a film crew into her classroom with obtaining permission from the proper authorities, or from the parents themselves, is as bad as what she did to the young girl herself.
What’s Dad and Mom have to say in defence of that one?
Also, the video clip was done, and uploaded almost two full days in advance of the election results. So it wasn’t the work of a bitter McCain supporter taking it out on a hapless teacher. This Finn had no idea that the documentary was being aired that Sunday evening, nor that it would show a teacher doing what she did.
What sayeth Dad & Mom?
NOTE: Dad also states in the same article that:
Moore criticized Superintendent Bill Harrison for rushing a videotaped statement onto YouTube, in which he expressed disapproval of what Harris had done. “He’s basically saying his investigation is already finished, and I don’t think that’s fair,” said Moore, who equated Harrison’s video with what she considers the misleadingly edited Finnish TV clip”.

ONCE AGAIN, compare the Tundra Tabloids clip to the actual documentary video, and you will see that they are absolutely the same, identical. KGS

And now here’s the dreaded video that made the lives of the teacher, Diantha Harris and the parents of Cathy Moore, such a living nightmare. I guess they believe that none of this should have been made public. I have heard about the “dumbing down of America“, but now I am beginning to believe that it begins at home, the school system just helps to reinforce it.

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  1. North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) Constitution:

    Article III

    Section 5. Obligation of membership: members of the Association shall be subject to the following obligations.

    Subsection (d). Conformity with the Code of Ethics of the Education Profession.



    Code of Ethics of the Education Profession Adopted by the NEA 1975 Representative Assembly

    Commitment to the Student

    In fulfillment of the obligation to the student, the educator–

    5. Shall not intentionally expose the student to embarrassment or disparagement.



    Code of Ethics of the Education Profession Adopted by the NEA Representative Assembly, July 1968:

    PRINCIPLE II – Commitment to the Public

    In fulfilling his/her obligation to the public, the educator:

    4. Shall not use institutional privileges for private gain or to promote political candidates or partisan political activities.


  2. North Carolina General Assembly – General Statutes – Chapter 115: Elementary and Secondary Education:

    § 115C_308. Rules for teacher’s conduct.

    The conduct of teachers, the kind of reports they shall make, and their duties in the care of school property are subject to the rules and regulations of the local board, as provided in G.S. 115C_ 47(18). (1981, c. 423, s. 1.)



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