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Gulf Petrodollar Strategy: Feign Green Help to UK Because it Looks Good But Keeps Cash Flowing…….

The Saudis and their minions want to show their interest in global warming and appear keen on helping Britain go green. But their focus is on getting big firms on alternative fuels, instead of the transportation grid, which shows that they are not serious at all. It’s a combination of the shell game and blue smoke and mirrors.
The al-Guardian: Ed Miliband, the Climate Change Secretary, arrived in Saudi Arabia yesterday with Gordon Brown at the start of a tour of the region. He said some of that cash would now ‘help our firms reap the rewards from going low carbon and providing green energy to thousands of families’ under a so-called ‘green Gulf deal’ to be announced today.”
In order for the West to achieve its strategic goal of energy security, it needs to allow alternative fuels to be sold at the pumps which will help break the back of the oil cartel called OPEC. Accompanying the alternative fuels policy (Flex Fuel) should be the opening of new and proven oil fields, that (along with Flex Fuel technology), will also help deprive the Middle East of badly needed funds that fuel the Islamic jihad against the West.
I advise anyone serious about starving the jihadist cash flow from the Arab oil producing states, and wanting to do their part to help reduce carbon in a major way, check out and start talking about flex fuel technology with your families, friends and politicians. This is not just an American initiative but a European one as well, since the latter uses far more Arab oil than the former!

The main thing is not to be snookered by the Arab oil producing states, because they DO NOT have the West’s best interests at heart. The Arabs/Muslims are busy waging war on us through both a violent and psychological jihad, and funding it through the gas pumps, while the OIC -the Jihad’s legislative branch- is busy subverting every international organization into recognizing Islam as an untouchable ideology.

Remember, it’s a winning combination as long as we let them, and once we get our act together, we can effectively defeat the jihad, OPECS’s cartel, as well as the Greenies getting their reduction in carbon fuel, by simply getting governments to demand Flex Fuel technology be readily made available, as well as allowing alternative fuels at the pump. Remember, it’s all up to us, not the Arab oil producers. KGS

H/T: Holger Danske

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